Can You Use A Window Air Conditioner Without A Window?


Window Air Conditioners are not chosen solely because you have a window in your room. There are many other reasons why people prefer a window unit to split ACs and wall mounted units. For some people the topmost reason is that Window units are budget friendly. Whereas others pick it for its size and efficient cooling capacity. Other reasons may …

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How Long Should it Take to Cool a House from 80 to 72?


It might take 3-4 hours to cool a house from 80-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, there is no exact answer to this question. Let’s assume you have installed a perfectly compatible cooling gear for your house. In that case, without any additional hazard, it shouldn’t take longer than this time frame to cool the house. Although this cooling time will depend …

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7 Tips to Make Binge-Watching TV More Comfortable


Covid brought up a huge change in humans’ lifestyle. That extremely busy man who barely knew he had a television at home, is also spending hours in front of the TV during this quarantine.  Since, television has become, if not only, the major source of entertainment, why not make it a little more fun? Here are seven tips to make …

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Best Low Profile Window Air Conditioner 2021 [Detailed Guide]


The trend of Window AC has been replaced with Split ACs for a long time now. But, some of the best low profile window air conditioners are still trendy, classy and highly in-demand.  In some cases a window unit is more preferred to the split units. Especially people who tend to move around a lot and change home frequently, are …

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Best Heavy Duty Clothes Racks for Commercial and Home use- (2021 Guide)


We all have closets at home! Often they fall short in accommodating clothes and other accessories. In that case, you have the option for racks. But most racks found in retail stores are wobbly and breaks in no time. After searching through more than 50+ models, we have shortlisted the best heavy duty clothes rack in the market. Most of …

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Best Mattress Toppers for Stomach Sleepers 2021- (Supportive & Comfy)


Tired of searching the best mattress toppers for stomach sleepers? For a specific query like this, you need specific answers. Stomach sleeping is painful. But that’s the way you sleep, right? You can’t change it. And you can’t change your mattress too! It’s quite expensive. A mattress topper can solve this issue. However, you need toppers that are supportive and …

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10 Best Loft Bed for Adults 2021-(Saving Space & Organizing)


Looking for the best loft bed for adults? Loft beds, bunk beds and stuff like that are almost always made to accommodate teenagers and kids. So, it’s tough to find something that can hold up well to heavy weight and last longer. If you are here, you might well have a small space to work with. Loft beds are a …

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Futons for Everyday Sleeping: Good or Bad?


Futons are definitely good for sleeping everyday! It depends on the nature of your sleeping and the material of the futon itself. In today’s market, there are tons of futons that can serve individual needs. The biggest advantage of futons is that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. So, you can’t ignore them when decorating a small living room. …

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10 Best Bunk Beds For Adult 2021 – (Heavy-Duty performance)


Are bunk beds suitable for adults? Yes, if you know how to find them! After 15+ hours of research and talking with experts, we bring you 10 of the best bunk beds for adults. All of these beds have a weight limit higher than 150 lbs. And some of them can even support 400lbs+ weight. If you are in love …

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Best Memory Foam Pillows for Side Sleepers -(2021 Buying Guide)


Do you lay sideways? Do you use a floppy pillow that has no support and you wake up feeling stiff and numb? If you face the same problems, you’ll love memory foam pillows. In fact, sleeping on one’s side can be uncomfortable and awkward if you don’t get the right pillow, especially if you have neck or back issues. However, …

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