How Long Can Space Heaters be Left on without Risking Fire Hazard


Winter is my favorite time of the year, for I get to be as lazy as a panda under my toasty blanket. It’s super chilly where I live and without a proper heating system, I’d be more frozen than the ice cream you’re eating right now. Since I cannot afford a central heating system, I bought a portable space heater …

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How to Position Fans to Cool a Room


Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting in a hot room. Proper placement of the fan is so needful to get the coolest environment in the hot summer. But, unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to position fans to cool a room properly. A fan is always necessary to improve airflow around your room so you can get some relief …

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How To Brighten a Dark Room

  It’s not a rare scenario that a space or room from our house doesn’t receive enough light from mother nature. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go through complete renovations as the only way out. If you be a little tricky with the fact that, a room can be made to look bright without even extending the …

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10 Best Ceiling Lights For Living Room 2019 – (New Guide)


Looking for a way to give your living room a classy look? Then, it’s time to decorate your room with better lighting. There are a lot of living room lamps and light fixtures designed for different purposes. But ceiling lights are especially excellent for living rooms. To match the appropriate type of lighting you need, we’ve listed 10 best ceiling …

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How To Keep a Room Cool On a Hot Day


Most of us aren’t the fan of the summer season because of the unbearable heat. It feels like the sun is always right up on our head. The warm breeze, sweat is also uncomfortable even when we stay inside the house. Well, what can be done to beat the summer? Well, there are a few steps you can follow to …

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How To Decorate a Small Living Room


The living room is the main attraction of the house. The best way to express your sense of style and creativity is to decorate the living room meaningfully. But it can be a little tricky to decorate the room properly when you have a small living room. You need to properly measure every angle and step to get the perfect …

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10 Best Cooling Fans for Room 2019 – Buying Guide


When it’s summer, and you’re having a sweaty vibe around, nothing can be a better friend than cooling fan. And why do we say that? Well, the increased humidity and evaporation causes sweating and irritation. When you return home from your work, you supposed to relax in the cool environment. But all the fans are not equally effective to give …

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