Can I use a Generator in an apartment?


Depending on the type of generator you buy and the area of installation, the answer can vary. In Short, gas/propane powered generators are not safe to use inside apartments. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them at all. There are alternative indoor generators that are much safer than the gas powered generators. In this article, we will be looking …

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I Lost Power And My Sump Pump Won’t Work, What Can I Do?


Most people drive their sump pumps with their main power line. But, have you ever thought of the times of power outage.  Power outage is expectedly normal in the days of heavy storms or cyclones. And possibilities are high that those are the days your sump pump has its job to do. If your sump pump doesn’t work that very moment, …

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Best Generator for Sump Pump 2021-(Portable Quite Generator)


Installing a sump pump to prevent flooding in your basement is a smart idea. But without the best generator for that sump pump, you aren’t fully prepared for the stormy nights. Are you? The same calamity that causes flooding, often causes damage to your power supply. So, even if you have equipped your sump pump with your home power supply, …

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Best 6000 Watt Generators- (2021 Updated Guide)


If you have a small-medium sized home and experience medium frequency of power outages, you have come to the right place. And a 6000 watt generator is all you need. The generator market isn’t huge in terms of number of brands. However, if you aren’t conscious, you could end up paying a premium price for a product you could get …

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How much does it cost to install a generator transfer switch?


It will cost $300 at the lower end and $600 at the higher end to install a transfer switch excluding the price of the device itself. If you are living in either California or Texas, you are exposed to regular power outages. At least that’s what the stats say. A simple device like a transfer switch can increase the efficiency …

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10 Best 3500 Watt Generator (Inverter & Portable)- 2021 Guide


You can always get a portable generator with more power for your home or Rv. But only quality generators will give you clean energy that will keep your devices safe. Even home appliances these days have microprocessors. If your electrical supply isn’t clean and free of harmonic distortion, you can end up with thousands of dollars in damaged products. For …

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10 Best Wind Turbine For RV 2021- Live off the grid efficiently


The Best Wind Turbines for RVs will help you live off the grid using green energy. It’s a decision you need to make based on a few factors. Do you need to power up your entire RV? Do you have a primarily power generation source like solar? Do you have enough wind where you live or want to travel? If …

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6 Best Alternator for Wind Turbines 2021- (Full Analysis)


Searching for the best alternator for wind turbines? We got you covered! Alternator is the structural unit of a wind turbine, more like a mechanical heart! It’s main function is to transform the mechanical energy created from wind to usable electrical energy. So, if you are building a wind turbine or fixing an older one, you definitely need an alternator. …

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10 Best Generator for Apartment 2021 Review- Get Seamless Power


Searching for the best generator for apartments for emergency outages? You are in the right place!! If you are in a region, where power outage occurs less and has a significantly short span, you are probably good without it or just a small portable unit will do. But for permanent establishments with risk of frequent outages, especially due to storms, …

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10 Best 15000 Watt Generators for Backup Power -(2021 Guide)


On a hunt for the best 15000 watt generator? You are in the right place. If you are living in states like Florida, Texas or even California, you might well experience a lot of power outages around the year. Storms, hurricanes, vehicle accidents and many other weather factors can impact your electricity supply! Enter portable generators. These will help you …

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