Can a Sofa Give You Back Pain?


Modern sofas are soft, relaxing and comfortable! Many of us spend an awful amount of time on sofas. But can sofas be the reason for your back pain? In most cases, your sofas could be the reason for the back pain you have now! But it didn’t happen in a day and not for a single reason. There could be …

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Is a Sofa Bed Good for Your Back? See what our analysis says!


From enjoying your movie time to spending nights after nights on that couch, you must be wondering just like us all, if your sofa is as good as your bed for your back. The answer is No and Yes. If you are talking about all sofas in general then, our answer has to be negative. Because, sofas in general are …

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Tips to Find Furniture for Short and Petite Person


The struggles of short people aren’t limited to the inability to reach the top shelves without help. Most furniture manufacturers build their products keeping in mind the height, width, and weight of an average build individual.  The furniture options for short people are few and far between. I’m sure you can relate.  Thankfully, with the new wave of body positivity …

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How Your Chair Can Cause or Prevent Back Pain?


There’s a reason even youngsters and people in their mid-30s also frequently complain about back pain and stiffness. Let’s face it, a sedentary lifestyle isn’t just a choice anymore. It’s a necessity. Some of us have to sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours a day to earn our living.  It’s safe to say that this whole new …

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How Bunk Beds & Loft Beds Can Help You Save Space?


Essentially, both bunk beds and loft beds are designed to maximize the limited free space. Both beds are ideal for small shared bedrooms and dorms.  The main difference between loft and bunk beds is simple. The former can accommodate only one person, while bunk beds can sleep up to 4 people.  As I said right at the beginning, both can …

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Recliner or Futon Sofa for Heavy People?


Both recliner and futon sofa are multi-functional furniture that guarantee fantastic seating comfort. If you do your research well, I’m sure there will be no dearth of models specially designed for big and heavy people.  As someone who has owned both at some point in her life, I believe I’m qualified to draw a comparison between these two.  The easiest …

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What Is the Best Time of The Year to Buy Furniture?


Some would say there’s no right or wrong time to buy furniture. I disagree. As someone who has purchased and continuous to purchase her fair share of indoor and outdoor furnishings, I mark my Google calendar for upcoming furniture sales to get the sweetest possible deals.  This is not a drill.  Figuring out the best furniture sales seasons takes some …

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10 Sectional Sofa Layout Ideas-Make Your Living Room Exceptional


Sectional sofas can be a great focal point for living rooms, irrespective of the size. Its spacious, lounge-like design is very inviting.  So if you are planning on creating a nice and cozy space to stir up conversations and have a good time with your friends and family, a sectional sofa would be the way to go.  These opulent pieces …

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Best Office Chairs for Tall People (Full Specs+Review) 2021


If you are anything over 5’8”, the regular office chairs won’t work for you!! Even if they do, you will either feel cramped or your knees will remain flexed. An average American spends more than 6 hours a day sitting! When you are working from home/office, this number can be a lot higher. So, investing in an ergonomic chair that …

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How Long Can You Expect Your Leather Couch to Last?


Adding a leather couch to your interior furnishing undeniably gives that extra punch of luxury and classic décor. But before choosing the leather sofa for your home, the first query must be about its durability. Besides genuine leather upholstery, the artificial leather technology has also developed a lot with time. The average lifespan of a leather sofa fluctuates between 5 …

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