7 Tips to Make Binge-Watching TV More Comfortable


Covid brought up a huge change in humans’ lifestyle. That extremely busy man who barely knew he had a television at home, is also spending hours in front of the TV during this quarantine. 

Since, television has become, if not only, the major source of entertainment, why not make it a little more fun? Here are seven tips to make the binge watching a bit more comfortable.

1. Position Your TV on a Suitable Height 

What benefit is there if you just sit for binge watching your favorite show and end up with eye restrain and neck pain? That’s certainly gonna ruin your whole evening and the next few days. 

So, it’s really important to place the TV at such a distance and height that it won’t hurt your neck and eyes. Sit at least five feet away from your TV while keeping the screen in between 40° angle from your eyesight. 

Although depending on the size of your TV screen, this is an ideal distance generally. However, you will know it yourself.

2. Instead of Complete Darkness, Keep Your Lights Dim 

Watching TV in complete darkness is tempting, especially when for the horror movie-freaks. But it is not a good practice at all. 

Staring at the bright screen for a long time in a dark room can put pressure on your eyes to focus. To reduce the eye strain, you just need to turn on a dim light or open the window. 

An ambient light will help cut down the contrast and lessen up fatigue for your eyes.

3. Get Yourself Comfortable with a Backrest Pillow

Enjoying your TV shows lying on the bed or a sofa is the ultimate relaxation for many people. If you are also one of them, then keep going. But, prior to that, watch your back. 

Leaning against the headrest of your bed for long can start to hurt your back. And lying flat on your back or chest is neither a good position as it will also cause eye strain. So, the best you can do is to put a backrest pillow or use a wedge pillow for watching TV.

4. Keep a Good Posture While Binge Watching

Importance of posture is quite an old and familiar topic for almost everyone. So, we are not gonna lecture you about the importance of good posture today. 

But, all we can say, if you love to spend a lot of your time in front of the television, then consider buying yourself a good quality ergonomic chair for watching TV

Especially, in this current COVID situation, many people can’t but have to spend their leisure by binge watching TV shows or streaming platforms. For them taking care of their posture is really worth it.

5. Take Breaks and Do Some Stretching

No matter how exciting your series or TV shows might be, don’t forget that you are a human being with two hands and two legs. Not a machine.

So, take a break every two hours. Simply resume your show or take a break on the ads break, take a tour to your house, stretch your hands and legs for a while and get back. 

6. Get Your Snacks Prepared Beforehand

Keep your snacks and drinks arranged before starting your show. Munching on your favorite snacks makes your binge time even more comfortable. 

And we all know how annoying it feels to leave your favorite show in its middle for getting some snacks. However, try to avoid those unhealthy chips and beverages and try to replace them with some healthy foods. 

7. Choose Something Good According to Your Mood

The comfort and satisfaction from your binge watching depends much on the relation between how you are feeling today and what contents you are watching. 

Say for example, if you had a really sad day and start to watch a sad story it will amplify your grief. You should rather watch a lightweight and fun content to neutralize your mood. So, choose accordingly.

Final Words

These are our 7 tips to make your fun time more cozy and comfy. Hopefully you will find them helpful. Share what else you do to make your binge time comfortable in the comment section. We’d love to know some more tips from you.