10 Best Bunk Beds For Adult 2022 – (Heavy-Duty performance)


Are bunk beds suitable for adults? Yes, if you know how to find them!

After 15+ hours of research and talking with experts, we bring you 10 of the best bunk beds for adults.

All of these beds have a weight limit higher than 150 lbs. And some of them can even support 400lbs+ weight.

If you are in love with futons, you can also find futon integrated models. And if you need something more spacious, you can get full over full bunk beds. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Images Products Name Weight Capacity
Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed 800 Ibs
Max & Lily Solid Bunk Bed 800 Ibs
DHP Silver Screen Metal Bunk Bed 800 Ibs
DHP Twin Over-Full Bunk Bed 650 Ibs
WE Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Twin Bunk Bed 500 Ibs
DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed 600 Ibs
Acme Allentown Twin/Twin Bunk Bed 400 Ibs
Julyfox Bunk bed 650 Ibs
Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed 650 Ibs

10 Best Bunk Beds For Adults 2021

1.Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 400 Ib

Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed Gunmetal

The #1 and the most heavy-duty bunk bed for adults is the Stephan bunk bed. It’s a bit pricey than the average bunk beds. With high quality construction it will pay you off big time.

The bed is made out of 2-inch metal. So, you can expect it to be ultra durable. There’s no shake or wobble whatsoever. On top of that, it can support up to 400 Ibs on both top and bottom- perfect for adults!

Being a full over full bed gives you a lot of room for sleeping. If you have guests at home, you can easily accommodate 4 people in this bed.

The design is marvellous with a sleek and curvaceous modern outlook. It will compliment most modern homes.


You will also love the height of the bed. The bottom bed is a bit elevated and you can use the space underneath for storage. Even the space between the top and bottom bunks makes the bed great for hanging out.

You need to prepare yourself for a few stressful hours if you decide to assemble it on your own. The process can be a bit overwhelming. Also, get some hex bolts instead of the allen bolts that comes with the package for more secured assembly.


  • Ladders on both sides for easy access
  • Appealing modern design.
  • Extremely well built with no loose movements.
  • High weight holding capacity.
  • Ample of headroom inside the bottom bunk.


  • Assembling process is complex and time consuming.



2.Max & Lily Solid Wood Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 400 Ib

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

If you are concerned about buying metal bunk beds, the Max & Lily bunk bed should interest you. It has a solid construction and made from soft pine wood.

The connections between the frames are extremely tight and no risk of loosening. This happens quite a lot with average metal beds.

The higher weight limit of per bed is 400 pounds makes Max & Lily one of the finest bunk beds for adults. But being a twin over twin bed, you have room for only two people. 

You can also convert this bed into two separate beds. That can be necessary when you move into a bigger home or no longer need a bunk. Additionally, you can buy a storage drawer or trundle that can fit underneath the bottom bunk.

Like the previous bed, this one also has a lot of headroom inside the bottom bunk- great for sitting and rejoicing.

Assembling this unit is not that tough. But you will need to give in at least a couple of hours to get it together. The instructions are super clear and easy to understand.

Keep in mind, the paint on it might have some smell at the beginning. That shouldn’t be a problem as with enough airing, the smell will go. 


  • Transforms into two separate beds.
  • Additional trundle or drawers can be installed.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Good for aesthetics as the nuts and bolts remain hidden.
  • Ladder can be used on either side.
  • High weight holding capacity.


  • Slats are too far apart (you can place a board to solve this).



3.DHP Silver Screen Metal Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Upper bed: 200 Ib, Futon Mattress: 600 Ib

DHP Silver Screen Metal Bunk Bed with Ladder

If you are searching for reasonably priced best bunk beds for a adult, you can try the DHP Silver Screen. Its sleek contemporary design makes it fit for any decor.

The top bunk has a weight limit of 200 pounds, which can be used for lightweight people. The lower bunk is a futon that can be used for sitting and sleeping both. It can hold up to 600 pounds. Adults of almost all size and weight can sleep on the futon.

You won’t get a futon mattress with this package. Have a look at these futons, which we reviewed earlier.

Assembling this unit is easier than others in this list. Before you assemble, you need to decide which side you want the ladder. You can’t move the ladder after the assembly.

We noticed a few design flaws but they will not affect your safety or comfort. The bed does make a squeaking sound when you move back and forth in the bed. When you climb the ladder, the unit can wobble a little. And that’s all.

We think the DHP Silver Screen can make a great unit for your studio apartment. Just make sure the heavier ones are sleeping on the bottom bunk.


  • Futon is convertible into sleeping or sitting position.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Excellent for rejoicing.


  • Makes squeaking sound if you move on the bed too much.



4.DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Top Bed- 200 Ibs, Bottom Bed – 450 Ibs

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder

The DHP twin over full is the cheapest best bunk beds for adults and certainly provides more value compared to the price. Being one of the most highly rated bunk beds, we simply couldn’t leave it out from this list.

The metal frames are sleek and attractive. But they sure can hold a lot of weight. The upper bunk can hold 200 lbs and the bottom 450 lbs. That should be good enough for two adults to sleep on the bottom.

We also found the slats to be narrow. This gives you the freedom to use any mattress you like. Make sure you insert the rectangular plugs to the end of the slats for extra safety.

The guardrails are quite high. You can still have 4-5 inches space after placing the mattress. The convenience of two ladders on both sides is an added benefit.

Yes, the bed is a little squeaky. But really can’t complain about a product at such a price. No safety issues, period.

Overall, if you are looking for a high quality bunk bed for adults on a tight budget, this DHP bunk bed is your best option.


  • Narrow slats that supports weight evenly.
  • Two ladders on both sides for easy access.
  • High guardrails.
  • Space saving.


  • Assembling can be a bit difficult.



5.WE Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Twin Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 250 Ib

WE Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Twin Bunk Kids Bed

The We Furniture is a high-quality bunk bed for adults. Yes, it might look a bit thin but considering the fact each bed can hold 250 lbs, it’s quite good.

The instructions are also fairly easy. It shouldn’t take you more than two hours to assemble. You will find some annoying plastic clips. Install them as they will add extra security to your bed frame.

The bed is quite sturdy compared to the price. You will find no squeaky sounds and that’s a great advantage.

During assembly, you can place the ladder on any side. The only issue with the ladders is they feel hard on the feet. But you can always cover them with soft fabric.

This bed is for medium to lightweight individuals. If you are overweight, you should look for more sturdier bunk beds.


  • Safe and comfortable.
  • No squeaking sounds.
  • Ladders can be placed on either side.
  • Convertible into two separate beds.


  • Not suitable for overweight people.



6.DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Top bed- 200 lbs, Bottom bed- 400 lbs

DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed

The DHP full over full is one of the best bunk beds for adults simply because it can handle heavy loads of weight and accommodate 3 people easily.

The top bunk is secured with guardrails all around the bed. A 6” mattress on the top and 8” mattress on the lower bunk is what you need for this bed.

The bed has ample headroom in the lower bunk with a height of 57” from the ground to the bottom of the top bunk. So, you can sit up properly and relax with no issues.

The installation is fairly easy and all the instructions are clear. The bed might develop some squeaking and wobbling issues with time but tightening the screws can solve this!


  • Adequate space between the top and lower bunk.
  • High weight handling capacity.
  • Metal build for superior stability.
  • Features full-length guardrails.


  • Requires tightening of the screws sometimes.



7.Acme Allentown Twin Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per bed 200 lbs

Acme Allentown Twin/Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers and Trundle

If you want a full-featured bunk bed, Acme Allentown is the right choice. The twin over twin bunk has an additional trundle and storage drawers. Recommended!

The bed has a solid wood construction with a stairway to make climbing safer. The bed doesn’t have a high weight limit but that’s just perfect for most average people.

Assembling the unit takes somewhere around 3 hours, which isn’t bad compared to others in this review. The only big complaint we have is the trundle having a lower quality build. It could have been better if a drawer was in place instead of the trundle.


  • Simple and fast assembly.
  • Storage drawers to keep books and clothes.
  • Wood construction makes it durable.


  • Trundle could have been a lot sturdier.



8.Julyfox Bunk Bed

Weight capacity: Top bed- 200 lbs, lower bed- 250 lbs, Trundle- 200 lbs

Julyfox Full over bunk bed

Pine wood is used only in the best bunk beds for adults. The Julyfox is one of such few beds having strong wooden slats and frame for stability and years of service.

The edges of the bed have been carefully sanded for a smooth finish, making the bed look polished. The two full beds have a 29” distance, which is more than enough for flexible movement in the lower bunk.

The best thing is you can detach the two beds and make them two separate full beds. This feature makes it truly versatile and suitable for every home.

Not much we could find to complain. However, it can be a bit difficult to assemble the top bed in place.


  • Comes with a sturdy trundle bed.
  • Pine wood construction for ultra durability.
  • Guardrails for extra security.
  • Detachable upper and lower bed.


  • Can be hectic to pick up the top bed over the lower bunk.



9.Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Top bed- 200 lbs, Lower bed- 450 lbs

The Dorel Twin Over Full Bed has a high weight capacity, which makes it perfect for individuals who have a bigger build. The metal body of the bed is good enough to hold it in place.

It’s one of the few beds with ladders on each side of the bed. This is helpful for placing the bed anywhere you like. The top bunk is equipped with guardrails for security during sleep.

The bed is quite straightforward to assemble. If you want to do it on your own, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The bed can sometimes make squeaky noises, but that’s just sometimes, period. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best bunk beds for adults in the market.


  • Double ladders for swift access.
  • Space-saving design for smaller homes.
  • Trouble-free assembly.
  • High lower bunk weight capacity.


  • Might squeak sometimes when you move a lot.



10.Dorel Living Indiana Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Weight Capacity: Per bed 165 lbs

Dorel Living Indiana Solid Wood Beds with Ladder and Guardrail

Whether you are a man or woman, you will love the neutral color of the Dorel Living bunk bed. The twin-sized top and upper bunks are designed to save space and last longer.

For climbing, it has a ladder, which should be installed on the right side. The lower bunk has a lot of headroom for flexible movement and the distance between the two beds is 29.84”.

The design of the bed supports coil spring mattresses. So, if you have those, you don’t need to buy again. The unit might come with few missing out drill holes, which can be fixed with an impact drill.


  • Sufficient space inside the lower bunk.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Compatible with coil spring mattresses.
  • Space under the bottom bunk can be used as storage.


  • Can sometimes have missing holes, which needs to be drilled.7



What to Consider Before Buying Best Bunk Beds for Adults

1. Adult safety parameters in bunk bed

An adult bunk bed must meet different kinds of safety parameters compared to kid bunk beds. Follow the safety guidelines below:

  • For adults, a bunk bed should have a minimum weight limit of 200 pounds on both the top and bottom bunks. However, it’s safer to buy a bunk bed with more than 300-400 pounds weight capacity on the lower bunk.
  • A lot of people ignore guardrails thinking that they are for kids. You need guardrails at least on one side of the top bunk. You never know when accidents occur. It’s best to stay on the safer side.
  • The bed frames must be very sturdy and durable. During installation check for any loose frames. If you get one ask for a return or find ways to fix it.
  • CPSC compliant bunk beds are safer than normal bunk beds.
  • Usually the upper bunk can hold lower weight than the bottom. Always let the lightweight persons to sleep on the top and the heavier ones on the bottom. 


2. Design and aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of a bunk bed is more important for adults than the ones for kids. You want a bunk bed that can complement your interior.

All the bunk beds we reviewed have interesting and unique designs. In no way, they would look like a kid’s bed.

The design should have matured and simplistic look to go with your taste and environment.

3. Size options

Full over full: Full over full bunk beds are best for adults. There is enough space for comfortable accommodation on both the top and bottom. In case of guests living in, you can also share the bed safely.

Twin over full: The next best option is twin over full. You can use the bottom bunk for two persons and the upper one for one person.

Twin over twin: Twin over twin bunk beds are great for compact spaces. The only issue is that it has room for only two people to sleep.

Triple bunk bed: We don’t recommend a triple bunk bed for adults. Yes, you can find models that can support the weight of 3 adults. But it’s better to be safe than regret later.

4. Material of choice

Wood and metal are the top material of choice in building bunk beds.

Wooden models can hold quite a load of weight but will cost more. We reviewed mostly metal bunk beds because of their durability and ability to take loads for years.

5. Stairs or ladders?

For adults, we don’t think a stair or ladder option matters that much.

Staircase bunk beds are made more for children. So, you might not find a suitable one that can take your load.

For ladder bunk beds, make sure to check the fitting of the ladder with the bed. It should be properly installed and sturdy enough to hold your weight.

6. Trundle or no trundle?

Having a trundle can be great for small homes. But we don’t think it’s necessary in adult beds.

Most trundle beds we examined didn’t meet the weight limits for adults. You don’t want a bed with extra space that can’t even support two grown ups.

So, it’s better to leave the trundle option out of the equation.

Can Bunk Beds Hold Adults?

Yes! Bunk beds specifically made for adults are safe for people over 250 pounds.

At this weight limit most adults will fit in. If you are overweight, you might want to get a bunk bed that’s over 300 pounds.

The construction and framework of adult bunk beds are more sturdy and reliable. Manufacturers understand that people might fear about the top bed collapsing. So, they put in the best materials for construction.

There’s more risk during the installation. If you can’t install it properly and leave out any screws or frames loose, the risk is higher. The best thing is to call a professional and oversee if everything is in place perfectly.

Conclusion and Editor’s Choice

The Stephan Full over full bunk bed is our overall best pick in this list. The quality and sturdiness of the unit is unmatched. Whether you are lightweight or overweight, it can fit all.

You can expect to pay a premium price for this bunk bed but that’s all justified if you want ultra safety and comfort.

If you are low on a budget, you can buy among the other bunk beds we reviewed.