How Long Should it Take to Cool a House from 80 to 72?


It might take 3-4 hours to cool a house from 80-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, there is no exact answer to this question.

Let’s assume you have installed a perfectly compatible cooling gear for your house. In that case, without any additional hazard, it shouldn’t take longer than this time frame to cool the house.

Although this cooling time will depend on a number of different factors. So, if your AC unit is not cooling down your entire house within the timeframe we just shared, don’t go crazy on it. 

Let’s find out what other factors control the required cooling time for your house. And how these factors work. 

Variable Factors of Cooling Time

1. Type of Ac You Have Installed

There are many ways to cool down your room on a hot day. And the most common way to do that is installing an AC. But which type of AC you are installing to cool down your entire household is a matter of consideration. 

Usually people install a central AC to cool the whole house. And others install a window air conditioner for cooling a small space.

Central ACs and Split ACs cools the entire house evenly. Whereas if you want to cool your entire house with window ac or portable AC, it won’t do it so evenly and faster as the previous two. You might need to install more than one in different corners of your house in that case. 

2. Outdoor Temperature

When your outdoor temperature gets too high as 100 degrees, your AC needs to work harder to pull the high temperature down to 72 degrees. 

Imagine, the weather itself is 85 degree fahrenheit today, you won’t even need an AC. A great model of cooling fan will do the work within half an hour. And for an AC it may require not more than a few minutes. 

So, consider the hot weather a legit issue in the time taken for cooling your house down. 

3. Your House Size, Shape, Insulation

The bigger your house is the more time it will take to cool down entirely. That’s a basic thing. But how does the shape matter?

It matters when your central AC can’t reach the curvy or shady space in your house. So, it eventually takes longer to cool down the entire house. 

Another fact is whether your house is well-insulated or not. An insulated house cools down much faster and keeps intact the temperature (cool or warm) for longer. Insulation helps a lot to cool down your house when the outdoor temperature is too high.

4. Efficiency and Capacity of Your Ac

If you find no other reason for your AC taking too long for cooling down your house. Go straight to check your AC’s cooling capacity and efficiency.

If your AC doesn’t feature enough BTU required for the size of your house, then it will make it less cooler or take too long to cool entirely. That is not your unit’s fault, it’s actually yours. Because you didn’t do your study properly.

5. Positioning of Your Ac or Fan 

Last but not the least. If you didn’t position your fans and the AC units correctly, then you can neither expect your AC to cool down your house evenly, nor fast. 

Learn how to position fans to cool a room properly. In case of AC units, install your Central, Split or Window AC units right where they should be installed for efficient cooling. 

Final Words

These are the few factors that manipulate how long it can take to cool down your house. If none of these are the issue in your case, simply do a diagnosis on your cooling unit.

Sometimes, worn out gadgets fail to offer the best outcome. So, maybe it’s time for replacing it.