Can You Use A Window Air Conditioner Without A Window?

Window Air Conditioners are not chosen solely because you have a window in your room. There are many other reasons why people prefer a window unit to split ACs and wall-mounted units.


For some people the topmost reason is that Window units are budget-friendly. Whereas others pick it for its size and efficient cooling capacity. Other reasons may include its portability and the user’s home-decor perspective.

With these various reasons here comes the question, whether a window AC can be used without a window. The answer basically comes NEGATIVE. Let us explain why.

Window ACs Are Specifically Designed for Windows

There must be a reason why it is named a Window AC. And that is because a window unit is specifically designed to be mounted on a window sill.

Usually they are designed in such a way that the compressor part of the unit is rested outside of the window. Whereas the condenser part of the unit is inside of the window. With modernization, these designs have been upgraded. There are some amazing low profile window air conditioners available on the market that will complement any décor and also save space.

However, no matter how the designs have been upgraded for users’ convenience, its operating process is still the same. These window units spell warm air outside from the compressor part. Whereas they also produce water as a byproduct and in most cases it drips off from the unit on the floor of your room. Some units are designed to vent the water outside of the window though.

With this mechanism, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to install a window AC unit without a window.

What Should I Do Then?

If you are on the verge of buying a window unit, make sure there is a window in your room. But since you are reading this, you don’t have a window in your room. That’s a given.

So it will be much wiser if you put down the idea of buying a window unit. Rather opt for a portable AC.

What If I Still Want to Install it Without a Window?

You are still not convinced? So, either you are too big a fan of window ACs or, you already have one and really want to occupy it.

Then, there’s no other way, call for help and dig a hole up in the wall for mounting your AC unit.  Because there is no other way to vent the air out.

Do you still wanna take all of that much hassle? If yes, go ahead. But we would recommend simply buying a portable unit if you don’t have a window in that particular room.

Wrapping Up

Window ACs are efficient and cost-effective. But that doesn’t mean it would still be worthy of cutting a hole into your wall in order to mount it.

Hope our explanation is enough for you to make up your mind by now. But in case you still wanna hear it— No, you cannot use a window unit without the WINDOW.