10 Best Wind Turbine For RV 2022- Live off the grid efficiently


The Best Wind Turbines for RVs will help you live off the grid using green energy.

It’s a decision you need to make based on a few factors.

Do you need to power up your entire RV? Do you have a primarily power generation source like solar? Do you have enough wind where you live or want to travel?

If you are planning to use a wind turbine for additional backup power and have enough wind on an average year-round, then you should definitely go for it.

Here’s a list of 10 portable wind turbine models that can serve RVers.

Images Product Name
Windmill (DB-400) Wind Turbine
Sunforce Wind Generator Turbine
Ista Breeze Set Wind generator Turbine
SHZOND Wind Turbine
Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator
Awiterbine Wind Turbine
VEVOR 400Watt Wind Turbine Generator
Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbine
Tumo-Int 1000W 3Blades Wind Turbine
Marsrock Small Wind Turbine

10 Best Wind Turbine For RV 2021

1.Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine

Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator kit

The Windmill DB-400 is just the perfect wind turbine to use on a RV roof. It’s durable and has a low speed wind start up, which is suitable for living off the grid in any environment.

The turbine is designed to handle high wind speed up to level 3 hurricanes. The mixture of high-quality propylene and glass fiber gives this model durable structure as well as lightweight property to start at 6.7 mph winds. On top of that, it is weatherproof, so you can use it in all conditions.

Even if you set it up in one direction, it will change its direction depending on the flow of wind because it has a 360-degrees rotation. This ensures your batteries are always charging.

It is equipped with a MPPT charge controller to stop charging when the battery is full. However, it can still raise up to 18 volts. This shouldn’t be an issue if your batteries aren’t full always.

Keep in mind, it might not start spinning at very low winds sometimes. But when it does, the power output is consistent.



2.Sunforce 44444 Wind Generator Turbine

Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator

The Sunforce 44444 is one of the best wind turbines for Rvs capable of generating high output and operating in heavy winds. It’s 400 W capacity is suitable for off-grid applications to power up essential devices.

The carbon fiber composite blades makes it an extremely lightweight and portable wind turbine for using on RVs. The cast aluminum case is weatherproof, so it can handle different conditions and environment.

Charging is smooth and clean as it has a patented wind over speed technology. The braking system inside helps to protect your batteries as it will shut off when the battery is full or when the wind speed is extremely high.

If you are many of those RVers who love to use both solar and wind power together, this unit can help you achieve that, provided both set ups are at 12 volts. You can get as much as 25 amps when the wind blows heavily and that’s enough for keeping your batteries full.



3.Ista Breeze Set Wind generator Turbine

When looking for the best wind turbine for RV, Ista Breeze is definitely a good option. The rated capacity of 400 W can increase all the way up to 500 W. With zero to minimal maintenance, it can last for years to come.

The housing and also the blades are made from aluminum for sturdy construction. It’s not highly weatherproof but you can still use it near seas and oceans with minimal oxidation.

The wind generator will fit inside 2” pipe. But for convenience, you can get the Istabreeze mast for portability and it can extend up to 2m. The LED indicator makes monitoring easy as you can oversee status on charging.

Like most wind turbines, this model has a bit of vibration and noise. It’s not quite huge to make a difference. This turbine should work effectively for those living in an area with 20 mph. But considering the price, it’s worth buying.


4.SHZOND Wind Turbine

SHZOND 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator

SHZOND wind generator is a one of the easiest to install model in the market. If you are living in a medium to heavy windy region, this might be a great option.

The turbine’s housing has a PVC vinyl construction which makes it weatherproof and sunlight resistant. On top of that, the rotating hub is of high quality as it’s made from steel.

It does have an MPPT controller for protecting against overcharging the batteries. Although the rated start up speed is 5.5 mph, it takes close to 8 mph to get started. But for maximum utilization, you need at least a 12 mph wind.

Considering the overall market for wind power, the efficiency of this turbine isn’t that bad. It all depends on wind and if you are using it as a backup for your solar panels, then it’s worth buying.



5.Happybuy Wind Turbine 

Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator

Happybuy is the best RV wind turbine in terms of aerodynamic design that enables smooth blade rotation and power generation in high and low winds. It’s available in 3 options- 400W, 500W and 700W.

The blades of this turbine are made from a combination of carbon fiber and synthetically injection molded plastic. And that’s the reason it can resist UV rays, oxidation and corrosion, making the unit usable in different climatic conditions.

It uses 3 Phase Permanent magnets that work with low torque and shuts off when wind is too high. Even if a 50 mph wind hits you, it will still work and generate output without any issues.

Another great thing about the unit is it can adjust according to the wind direction. So, whether or not it is aligned with the wind, it will shift to maintain continuous battery charging.

Keep in mind, the included charge controller might not work perfectly for restricting battery overcharging. So, you need to figure it out and replace that if you think you will have a full battery on most occasions.



6.Awiterbine Wind Turbine

Awiterbine wind turbine generator

Awiterbine is a zero maintenance wind turbine with low 6.7 mph start up! It’s low speed power production is what makes it reliable and efficient for most RVers.

The blades have an aerodynamic shape with a fiberglass construction. It doesn’t produce high vibration and can be set up on the roof of your RV without much disturbance at night. The carbon steel body makes it safe to use for years to come.

The turbine has the capability of rotating 360 degrees. This is helpful when wind flows inconsistently from different directions and keeps the batteries full on most occasions.

You won’t be needing a separate charging controller as it has a built-in braking system. So, when the batteries are full, this unit will stop working and keep the batteries safe.

Overall, it’s extremely user-friendly and won’t need too much technical knowledge to get started!



7.VEVOR 400Watt Wind Turbine 

VEVOR 400Watt Wind Turbine Generator

When you think of Vevor, you think of an easy to use and install wind turbine. It’s perfect for RVs and most off-grid applications.

We found the model to be lightweight and generates very low vibration. It’s built-in braking system limits overcharging. If you manage to install it properly, it should work fine.

The manufacturer already designed the turbine to fit with a flange on the pole you are going to use. So, that saves time. The only issue to consider is the installation guide isn’t much helpful. But if you are familiar with wind power or electronics, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.



8.Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbine

Starter Wind Turbine Generator High Performance 12V DIY Wind Power

The Starter Wind Turbine from Pacific Sky Power is a lightweight and highly portable unit that can be easily mounted on your Rv’s roof. 

This model will start up at 8 mph, which is more realistic compared to those who claim less than that. The survival wind speed is 24 mph and it means it can handle heavier winds without issues.

The turbine can resist light to moderate. It’s not completely waterproof. However, you can seal the back of the housing with caulking for better protection from rain.

Keep in mind, you will need to add additional blocking diodes to get it working and charging batteries.



9.Tumo-Int 1000W 3Blades Wind Turbine

Tumo-Int 1000W 3Blades Wind Turbine Generator Kit with Wind Boosting Controller

Tumo-Int is yet another of the best wind turbines for RVs. It doesn’t make a lot of noise and keeps vibration at minimum. If you install and use it properly, it can last for at least 15 years to make every dollar count.

The electromagnetic dual over-speed design allows safe and reliable operation. The blades have an aerodynamic design to limit drag and enable startup in low winds. On top of that, the unit adjusts to the direction of the wind for continuous charging.

It has a built-in breaking system that will stop the functioning at 50A input. That’s more than enough for most RV users. The best part is Tumo-Int has a 1000 W capacity, which is higher than any other models in our list.



10.Marsrock Small Wind Turbine

Marsrock Small Wind Turbine Generator

The list would not have been complete without a Marsrock wind Turbine. It’s a popular brand in solar and alternative power products. This particular model has a high wind utilization and is easy to install.

The blades operate efficiently using aerodynamic design and precision injection molding construction. The housing is aluminum, so it’s quite durable as well.

We loved the appearance of the wind turbine and it stands out from other models. You can easily charge up lead acid or gel batteries with it. If you have a lithium ion battery, you will have to purchase a different kind of controller for this.

Keep in mind it’s not a super quiet unit. But if you don’t install it on the roof, it should be bearable.


Best Wind Turbine For RV – Buying Guide

1. Portable design

The best wind turbines for RVs are those that are lightweight and portable. As an RVer, you will be going places and the last thing you want is the battery empty. Even if you have a solar connection, it’s good to have a back up.

But carrying a large wind turbine is unrealistic and you want a portable model that you can carry in less space and easily reinstall. All 7 models we reviewed are portable and produce enough power for an RV to obtain at least one fourth to half of the power needs.

2. Durable construction

You will find carbon fiber and fiberglass on most RV wind turbines. These materials keep the unit lightweight and also enables it to operate at minimal wind speed.

The housing or casing is built with aluminum and sometimes high quality plastic to resist corrosion and water. If you travel with your RV to areas where the ocean is near a weatherproof turbine is the way to go.

3. Blade design

Most portable wind turbines almost always have an aerodynamic design. This design helps to minimize drag and maintain smooth rotation in low speed wind. Without this design function, your unit will only be feasible in high velocity winds or stormy conditions.

4. Vibration & Noise factors

Let’s face it. Wind turbines will always make some levels of noise and vibrations. It’s unrealistic to expect a model that remains silent. Despite that some models tend to make lower vibrations. This factor becomes important if you decide to mount the turbine on your roof, otherwise this isn’t a big deal.

5. Installation and Maintenance

Some wind turbine models require zero to no maintenance. And those models use permanent magnet generators to operate. It would be best to go with a unit that can be easily installed without much technical knowledge.


FAQ On Rv Wind Turbine

1. How much power can a Rv wind turbine generate?

Typical wind turbines for RVs have a 400 W rating. But depending on wind conditions and efficiency of the model, you can get on an average 40 W.

2. Is it possible to completely replace solar power with wind power for my RV?

Replacing solar power with wind power is not feasible as wind is an inconsistent factor whereas sunlight is more consistent. Wind turbines can become a valuable backup power for RV owners.

3. How easy it is to set up a portable wind turbine?

Most portable models of wind turbines are easy to install and might not require a lot of technical know-how if the instructions are clear and detailed. However, it will still require some DIY skills and most of that can be learned via google or Youtube.

4. Can I power up my requirement with total wind power?

Yes, theoretically, if you set up 2-3 wind turbines. However, you might not have enough space to carry more than 2 turbines and also you will need high velocity wind to get maximum output.

5. How long will an RV wind turbine last?

Rv wind turbines might last 15-20 years depending on how you use it and where you use it.

6. Can I install the portable wind turbine on my RV roof?

Yes, you can definitely install it on your RV roof. You can either buy a mounting shaft separately or make a pole from metal to get it on the roof. 


We hope you can finally choose the best wind turbine for your RV and keep your batteries full all the time. Most of the models we reviewed are similar in functionalities and power output. Depending on the price, your purchase will vary. If you manage to install it properly, it should help you to live off the grid.