Can I use a Generator in an apartment?

Depending on the type of generator you buy and the area of installation, the answer can vary. In Short, gas/propane-powered generators are not safe to use inside apartments.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them at all.

There are alternative indoor generators that are much safer than the gas powered generators. In this article, we will be looking at the possibilities of using a generator in an apartment.

Using a Generator Inside Your Apartment— Is it Possible?

First thoughts, What kind of generator are we dealing with here?

If it is a gas/propane powered generator, then definitely Nooooo!!

Why? A gas-powered generator will produce carbon monoxide fumes and that can be deadly when there is no way for the fumes to escape.

If you have a balcony inside your apartment, then there’s a possibility. However, you need to consider several factors here like local fire codes, the landlord’s permission, proximity to other apartments, etc.

But if you have a rooftop balcony, that should be fine to install gas powered generators. However, you should look for generators specifically designed for apartments. These sort of generators are portable and smaller in size, so you can keep them in smaller spaces.

What Kind of Generator Is Safe to Use Inside the Apartment?

For those of you who don’t have a rooftop balcony or any other open space, you should look for a battery-powered generator. These generators don’t produce fumes and have almost zero chances of catching fire.

The trade-off is you won’t be able to power large appliances like AC or pumps. You can possibly power up your lights, charge your smartphones and laptops. For many of you, that should be enough.

There are few models that have the capability of charging up via the sun i.e they are solar powered. You can also take them for camping.

Where to Install Your Fuel Powered Generator?

If you have a space outside the apartment that should be ideal for installing a fuel power generator.

Some properties have well ventilated garages with proper electrical and fire safety protections. In that case, you can use the garage space. However, without ventilation or fire safety protections, never install a generator inside the garage. Always check with your property owner or an expert to confirm the eligibility of installing your generator.

For ease of use, we recommend using smaller portable generators in the 3000-3500 watt range. So, you can move it around if there’s any issue regarding the placement of the generator. For apartments with larger needs for power, a 6000-watt generator should be enough.

What Sort of Generator Should You Totally Avoid for Apartments?

There are certain generators known as permanent enclosed generators. These generators remain fixed in one area and are often placed outdoors. They require a large space for its housing and should be avoided when you are using them for personal use living in an apartment. This is because you can’t move the generator when you want and economically it won’t be feasible as well. Most people use them for commercial purposes.

Final Thoughts

You can use a portable fuel powered generator if you are living in an apartment. But you should install it in an open space either outdoors, balcony or rooftop balcony as these generators will produce toxic fumes that can cause hazards. If you want to keep it indoors, you should go for a battery-powered generator that won’t produce fumes and toxic gases.