Can a Sofa Give You Back Pain?

Modern sofas are soft, relaxing and comfortable! Many of us spend an awful amount of time on sofas. But can sofas be the reason for your back pain?

In most cases, your sofas could be the reason for the back pain you have now!


But it didn’t happen in a day and not for a single reason.

There could be some factors related to your sofa that could be causing the pain. We have compiled a list of 8 factors that you should watch out for. One or a combination of these factors could increase your back pain than usual.

1. The Back Cushions Are Too Soft

We all have been guilty of using an extremely soft sofa! Yes, it feels amazing and you feel like sitting on the sofa for hours. However, sofas with soft back cushions could be the reason behind your back pain.

What happens is your back dips inside the cushion and your spine doesn’t get any support at all. Using such a sofa for years can put your spin under pressure and cause various physical problems at a later stage of life.

2. Your Sofa Causes Slouching

Slouching often happens when you have soft and cushy seat cushions. You sit and your whole body dips in. This causes your back to remain curved forward and the knees remain at a higher position. People often ignore the results of slouching because it feels good at the beginning. However, after a few years of slouching, your back will become stiff and can create chronic back pain.

3. Deep Cushions Are Bad for the Back

Another reason for slouching and back pain could be deep cushions. Check your sofa and see if you sit normally, does your back lean too far back or your feet aren’t resting on the floor. All these can happen if you have a deep-seated sofa.

For an overweight or a big user, deep cushions will be appropriate. However, average sized users should avoid it and look for sofas that offer back support.

4. Is the Problem in Your Posture or the Sofa?

A lot of people tend to forget the ideal posture when it comes to sitting on a sofa. It’s like sitting in twisted and weird ways have become common on sofas.

Some people lay on the sofa keeping their hands on the armrests and the legs remain flat on the couch from side to side. Others like to raise their legs on another surface like an ottoman or another couch or table. All these can impact your back and make you suffer

5. Sitting for Too Long or Sleeping on Couch

2-3 hours on the sofa is understandable. But anything over that can be strenuous for your back even if you have an ergonomic sofa or maintaining proper posture. So, limit your time sitting on the sofa. On the other, some people also sleep on their couches. That’s a bad thing to do and will cause back pain at some point.

6. Sofas With No Lower Back Support

We have seen enough sofas with no lower back support. You may spend a little less, but you will be hurting your back in the long term. Even if your sofas don’t have dedicated lower back support, you can put a pillow behind and sit. This simple and inexpensive pillow can save you from lower back pain.

7. The Height of the Backrest Doesn’t Fit You

The height of your sofa’s backrest should be such that it can support your head or at least the shoulders. If your head is hanging without any back support, it will soon lead to neck pain and back pain later. For shorter people having a lower backrest, it usually means you aren’t sitting on the right sofa. So, always measure the height of the backrest before buying a sofa.

8. Sofa Is Too Low or High

Sometimes the height of your entire sofa relative to the ground can affect your back. For example, if the sofa is too low to the ground, it means your legs can’t stretch enough or you will need to twist your legs and sit in weird ways. On the other hand, when your sofa is too high from the ground, your legs can’t touch the floor and it will force you to slouch and it can even hurt your knees.

Final Thoughts

Sofas can be the reason behind your back pain. You need to observe if any of the factors listed above are in play and take the necessary steps to combat them. You don’t want to have chronic back pain that will make you suffer for years.