10 Best Cooling Fans for Room 2019 – Buying Guide

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When it’s summer, and you’re having a sweaty vibe around, nothing can be a better friend than cooling fan.

And why do we say that?

Well, the increased humidity and evaporation causes sweating and irritation. When you return home from your work, you supposed to relax in the cool environment. But all the fans are not equally effective to give you the coolest air and reduce the heat.

Now here is the way we’re going to help you out to beat this situation out-

We here, have brought out to you a list of best cooling fans for room along with a hands-on buying guide. These cooling fans will mainly remove the warm air of a room and specially designed for providing the best cooling effect in the sunny days.

To get the most suitable cooling fan for your apartment, just scroll down and read the entire article attentively. Trust me it worth your time!

ImagesProducts Name
Vornado Large Circulator Fan
Holmes Remote Control Fan
Dyson Tower Fan
Genesis Adjustable Table Fan
Honeywell HT900 Turbo Fan
Rowenta Fan
Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan
Ozeri Tower Fan
Bionaire Window Fan
O2 Cool Battery Portable Fan 

10 Best Cooling Fans For Room 2019

1.Vornado Large Circulator Fan

Presenting the #1 ranked cooling fan of today’s market, the Vornado CR1. It’s a portable cooling fan circulates air in a large room. The compact design of the fan easy to carry and operate. Despite being fairly lightweight, the fan is made from commercial-grade plastic and solid rubbers knobs at the bottom for added stability.

The fan features a pretty high speed that is capable of circulating air to about 100 feet. The higher speed 1375 RPM and lower speed 600 RPM. I can daresay that at its highest speed, this fan can easily deliver a better airflow than many of its higher-priced counterparts.

Vortex technology is what’s behind the power of this fan, providing a uniform circulation of air. You will get the complete circulation of air throughout the entire room.


Again, the fan comes with chrome glide bar, giving it a complete control of the airflow direction. It ensures the whole air being cooled and everyone is getting benefits.

The number of speed variations is four. There are four push–buttons for four different speeds, and buttons are placed at the top of the fan. It provides constant flow and gives you maximum relaxation. Also, even at the lowest speed setting, the fan pumps out a sufficient amount of airflow while being almost noiseless.

Besides, the six feet long cable will let you place the fan anywhere in the room. It moves the air up to 70 ft. and thus, would make a great choice for medium-sized bedrooms and office cabins.


  • Powered by special Vortex technology.
  • A great high speed with swift control.
  • Includes four-speed options.
  • Spiral grill provides complete circulation to a large room.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Comes with inlet air circulator.


  • A little bit expensive.


2.Holmes Remote Control Fan

Holmes 12-Inch Fan | Blizzard Rotating Fan with Remote Control, Black

Are you a comfort seeker? If the answer is ‘yes’, the Holmes HAPF624R will add the new level of comfort to you. With a plastic grill and remote control along with this model, this happens to be the #2nd ranked cooling fan of our list.

The fan comes with the plastic grill which is capable of rotating. This rotating grill allows a wide opening for sufficient cold air flow. The plastic grills are also easily removable, thus allowing you to clean the blades without a fuss.


The fan provides you multiple fan and power settings to choose from. The blizzard power system of the fan provides high performance and the thin blades create the maximum stream and air flow.

The fan gives a cooling coverage of rooms up to 155 square feet. This might not be adequate for spacious, king-size bedrooms but should serve the purpose well in studio apartments, office cabins, and garages. I also loved the oscillating features which helps the fan to wider areas with ease.

Cooling fans with remote control are usually quite expensive but Holmes HAPF624R with remote control doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  The small remote control included in the package brings all the key controls like fan speed, on/off at your fingertips. The remote control range is good and suitable enough for small to medium rooms.


  • Can be operated by a remote control system.
  • Adjustable speed with three options.
  • Comes with a comfortable handle to carry.
  • Provides wider space for proper air flow.
  • The adjustable timer can be set up to eight hours.


  • Creates louder noise when it’s on the lowest setting.


3.Dyson Tower Fan

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan, White/Silver

Do you have children at home and you are worried about whether they cut their tiny fingers in a fan blade? To get you rid of this problem, Dyson thought to provides you a cooling fan that is bladeless and safe to your kids.

By leaving all of the old-fashioned cooling fans behind, The Dyson comes with Air Multiplier. Air Multiplier is not basically the fan that has any blades. But in the Dyson 63456-01 has blades inside the pedestal bar. It is hidden inside so that there is no risk of injury.

The Air Multiplier technology provides powerful air stream and gives you constant flow of air stream. As it doesn’t have spinning blades it is easy to clean and safe as well. The air cooler is quiet comparatively. It reduces the noise to about 60 %, making it a perfect fan to install in children’s room or a light sleeper’s room.


Streamlined channels that are embedded in, will reduce the turbulence of air created when the fan is running. The cooler can draw air under pressure and release with a fine streamline.

It also saves the power around 10%. It is developed in such a way that it gives equal airflow in all directions to soothe you in the hot weather. The oscillation can be controlled spread the air in any direction you want.. Besides, it comes with a remote with 10 airflow settings. Even you can also set the timer before you go to bed. It will give you a sound sleep.


Talking about the remote control, please be careful not to lose it and always have extra batteries handy. For the fan itself has only on/off button. You won’t be able to control the intensity of the airflow without the remote control.


  • Good quality Air Multiplier.
  • Doesn’t include any spinning blade.
  • It is safe for your kids and pets.
  • Consumes less power than usual.
  • Offers a remote with 10 airflow options and has a magnetic feature so you can leave it on top of the fan.


  • Little bit Pricey cooling fan.


4.Genesis Adjustable Table Fan

The Genesis is an adjustable table fan with 360-degree rotating system, making it one of the best cooling fans for room having only a few individuals sitting around. No prizes of guessing that the fan is super easy to rotate in any direction you want with minimal effort.


A strong stand with the flat end helps the floor fan to stand perfectly on any surface. The fan gives wide coverage to the entire room. During the warmest summer days, adjust the fan instantly in the direction you’re sitting in to enjoy maximum cooling effect.

I absolutely adore the fact that the sound of the fan closely resembles the sound of actual wind blowing. This sound has a very calming effect and puts you to sleep fast.

The fan houses a mighty copper motor that is responsible for the fan’s thunderous speed. Moreover, the motor is long lasting and lightweight. Thus, easy to carry and places. Granted, it is a robustly build fan that delivers great cooling but is safe to use, especially when you have kids around the house?

Thankfully, yes! The Genesis cooling fan will ensure safety fused plug which will prevent fires and keep other electrical components safe. You will also get an easy to carry handle at the back-top.


  • Powered by the high-efficiency copper motor.
  • Can be easily tilted to any angle.
  • Small enough to tuck away when not in use.
  • Capable of providing safety from fires.


  • Some user complains that the fan is a little bit noisy on the high-speed setting.


5.Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan

Don’t have enough space on the floor or table? Then the Honeywell HT900E turbofan will be a good choice. This sleek and black turbo cooling fan is very efficient and easy to operate.

It can be used in residential rooms as well as in offices and lounges. Due to the small size, the fan is best suitable for indoor rooms, attics, study rooms, RVs and small boats. The fan is virtually silent, produces white noise and therefore, would be a great addition in a fussy sleeper’s room.

The fan can be mounted to the wall if you don’t have sufficient space. This facilities save the space of your room and help in distributing the cold air to the entire room uniformly. Thus, the air flow provides equal comfort to all of the members of the room.


The fan provides three varying speed options. Thus, you can select the most desirable speed depending on the ambient temperature.

Many of us face troubles because their cooling fans don’t move around so much. Well, this fan can pivot up and down. Although I’m a bigger fan of oscillating fans, Honeywell’s tilting mechanism also serves the purpose.


  • A high-quality, rigid body.
  • Can be easily mounted to the wall.
  • Saves space and gives uniform flow.
  • Includes 90-degree tilt.
  • Varying speed option.
  • Includes powerful motor.


  • The fan is quite hard to clean properly.


6.Rowenta Fan

Rowenta Fan, Oscillating Fan with Remote Control, Standing Fan, 5-Speed, Silver

Rowneta Fan is a standing and oscillating fan. If you need to deliver the airflow to a certain height when you are sitting or sleeping, this oscillating cooling fan will be a great help for your problems. Rowenta uses ultimate silence technology and is rated for 35 dB (A) quiet operation.

This fan will allow you to set the speed in five different conditions. Five-speed conditions are 3-speed settings + 2 speeds (including turbo boost for extra power and it has a night mode option by which you can get a silent environment at night for a good sleep).


It also includes an energy saving mode. So when the supply is low the fan will automatically reduces the airflow, without compromising on your comfort.

It has a strong blade system which is very effective to produce higher air flow rate and provides 16-inch head. There are five blades that are sufficient for producing the cooling air flow.

The device is fully remote controlled and has a timer in the electronic panel.


  • High-quality standing fan for home and office.
  • High-quality blades to produce a maximum air stream
  • Ultimate silent technology provides quiet bedtime.
  • Adjustable height condition.
  • Contains an eight-hour timer.


  • Takes more space to store.
  • Has an obnoxious blue light that illuminates the room at night.


7.Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan

Lasko T42950 Wind Curve Tower Fan with Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer, Black Woodgrain

People who like to be in style and keep their house well-arranged, are conscious of every single thing they have in their house. I am telling all these stuff because our seventh cooling fans come with the sleek design.

This is a curved shaped tower fan with an Air Ionizer. The ionizer adds negative ions in the air so that you may get outdoor-like fresh air. The emitted negative ion boosts the air quality. It provides you with amazing air experience. It will work as an air refiner by capturing the molds and dust.

This 42-inch tower fan provides sufficient air stream to cover the room uniformly. The fan comes with three-speed options. You can choose any according to your needs. For bedroom to office, you can use this quiet fan anywhere to soothe yourself. It takes just about 5 minutes to make a standard sized living room cool and airy, even on the hottest and most humid days of the year.

The tower fan facilitates you with a small pedestal that saves your space and goes easily with any kind of home decor. The sophisticated design is of the wooden front and inner blades. It features a solid base and I haven’t heard of any rattling issues so far.

There is a carrying handle at the top of the fan. It is easy to carry and store. It is also remotely controlled. Also, it provides safety plugs to prevent accidents. The improved and sophisticated profile improves your indoor air quality. It also provides an auto shut off timer in every 7.5-hour duration.



  • Sophisticated design.
  • Requires less space to store.
  • Capable of removing dust and pollens from the air.
  • Comes with safety fuse technology.
  • Comes with a remote control that you put it in the back of the unit when not using it.


  • Limited adjustment to the vent.


8.Ozeri Technology Tower Fan

Ozeri 3X Passive Noise Reduction Technology Tower Fan with Bluetooth, Black

The next model on our list is super silent tower fan that employs Passive noise reduction technology. For more control over the fan of your room, this tower fan comes with Bluetooth technology with the downloadable operating app.

The fan includes improved technology and supports IOS or Android app for advance controlling of the fan. No matter you’re sitting on the sofa or simply relaxing at your bed, you can control the fan from anywhere.

In this model, there is a canted blade that creates an opposite sound wave to the air. Hence, reduces the noise of the blades and controls the noise of the air. This tower includes three separate fans. These fans are controllable separately.

The fans come with beach and sleep modes. The beach mode creates a tropical island like ambiance with its relaxing and consistent breeze. In the sleeping mode, the fan goes nearly silent, therefore, works like a charm in bedrooms at night, study rooms and kid’s rooms.

The fan can oscillate to 90 degrees. So, it provides cooled air to the entire room. The fan comes with three varying speed. The air flow can be customized up to 9 levels. You will get the desired flow any time by three airflow pattern that is preprogrammed.

Besides, it includes a programmable timer. Set the timer to the required duration and fall asleep without any tension. The fan comes in glass stand. The black pedestal with three fans and a glass stand makes it more elegant. The fan is programmed to be more responsive and sensitive.


  • Comes with three separate fans.
  • Includes advance technology of communication.
  • Can be operated with smartphone easily.
  • Canted blades give higher performance.
  • Customized airflow setting.


  • Hard to clean.


9.Bionaire Window Fan

Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades and Remote Control, White
If you are looking for a window cooling fan, then you are on the right product. Bionaire Twin fan is specially designed for passing the exhaust air from the windows, making it one of the best window fans to buy on a tight budget.

Basically, this window cooling fan has two fans located beside. The fan comes with a LED display that shows the current temperature. You can easily set the temperature for an entire day. As soon as the room reaches your desired temperature, the fan will automatically turn off.

As it is a window fan that draws cool air in and emits the exhaust air to the outside. The cooled air will be provided to the room. The cooling fan may get wet while it is raining. For this, the manufacturer made the motor water resistant. So, it will last longer and won’t rust.

The windows, which are 24 to 37 inch wide will easily fit the fan. The fan also includes a vertical slider. The blade of the fan is 8.5 inches long. The curved blade provides uniform and reversed air flow.

It will provide you with three speeds. So, choose one of them. Of course, it includes a remote to control the air from a distant place. The entire unit is fully assembled.


  • Remote control window fan.
  • Includes a LED display.
  • Can be monitored easily at night.
  • Speed can be changed to three option.
  • Includes a programmable thermostat.
  • Best for removing exhaust air from the room.


  • Hard to open in case you need to fix or do maintenance.


10.O2 Cool Battery Portable Fan 

O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan

The O2 Cool is the most portable fans for rooms I’ve come across during my research. But don’t you fool yourself into thinking that portability of this fan comes at the cost of durability.

The fan is crafted with high-quality plastic which should have good longevity if taken care of properly. Also, it features a patented blade that extends the life of the battery. It also provides maximized airflow.

The fan is battery operated. So, you can use the fan to cool yourself at home and outside. The smaller fan can be carried easily at your workplace. It saves space and can be stored easily at anywhere. Even simple Duracell batteries work just fine with this fan. It can last for 48+ hours on lowest settings on battery. It also includes a handle for comfortable carrying.

If you don’t want to use the battery you can just plug in it using the AC adapter. The fan is powered by alkaline batteries. The plastic grill is easy to clean. Also, a flat stand can let you keep the fan on any surfaces, it will stand right and provide the cool breeze.

The fan allows you to use two-speed settings to your needs. There is minimal noise and provides fresh air to soothe you. The powerful blades give higher performance.


  • Provides maximum comfort and support.
  • A portable fan can fit anywhere.
  • Comes with the dual power system.
  • Easy to carry and handle.
  • Comes with affordable price.


  • Eats batteries really fast on high speed.


Check Before Purchasing a Quality Cooling Fan For Rooms?

Purchasing the perfect cooling fan for the room is not an easy task. Before you make any wrong decision, you should check the following factors:

  • Maximum Coverage: Of course, you are purchasing a cooling fan to get the cool air in the warm weather. So, check which of them provides maximum coverage. The fan with maximum airflow will cover the entire room. You should also check the head of the air and area covered.
  • High-Quality Blade: The metal blades are more durable than plastics. But you should also consider the blade design and the number of blades. The more the blades are, the more the air pressure developed and releases maximum flow. If you are having a kid or pet at home, you should go for the cooler with a hidden blade for their safety. These are also easy to clean.
  • Noise Free Operation: If you are going to use the cooler at your bedroom during sleeping, you need something that will be quiet and won’t interrupt to your sleep. Some of the coolers include an advanced noise reducing technology. You should look for that.
  • Portability: If you want to use the fan inside or outside the home. Look for the fan that can be carried easily and will require less space to store.
  • Rotating Or Non-Rotating: All the fan doesn’t bring you the rotating option. Some of them are fixed in one direction and some of them are rotatable at various angles. If you need a fan that will cover all the members in a room, you should choose a fan that can rotate 90 degrees to 360 degrees. For personal use fixed stand and tower fans are okay.

Editor’s Pick

To be honest, the fan with higher speed RPM and higher heads of air flow are more efficient in making the room cooled and refreshed. The fan what comes with wide range of airflow and spinning with higher speed will remove the heat from your room forcefully.

In our 10 best cooling fans for room buying guide, we rearranged the list according to the unique feature of the cooler. But among this feature, maximum cooling capacity will get the first priority. The first product, Vornado Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan, meets all the qualities that a perfect cooling fan should have. It worth your money.

So, be refreshed in the hot summer days without sweating.

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