Best Oversized Recliner for Heavy & Big People-(2021 Guide)


There’s a lot of big people and heavily built individuals in the United States! Statistically speaking that’s almost 70% of the population.

There’s nothing wrong being a big and tall individual. But when it comes to finding a recliner that can hold your weight and fit in your size, there’s some digging to be done!

After a big run of 70+ hours and analyzing 40+ recliner models, we finally have a comprehensive list of the best recliners for heavy people. It turns out, retail stores are selling the same models at much higher price ranges. When it comes to purchasing online, the rates are much more affordable.

Naturally, we targeted recliners having weight greater than 300 lbs, height in the 40-48-in range and a lot of sitting space. 

What to Look While Buying a Recliner for Heavy Person?

To be honest, there’s not much difference between a regular sized and an oversized recliner. You need to consider all those features that we usually consider for a regular size recliner.

However, the top most things to consider while buying a recliner specifically for a plus size person are as follows—

1. Type of Recliner

There are different types of recliners like rocker recliners, regular recliners, lift recliners and so on. But, besides that, there are two types of recliners based on the power system, manual and power recliner. 

Depending on your need and preferences you can choose the type of recliner you would buy. For example, for the elderly people and those with back pain or other medical issues, the most appropriate one is a power lift recliner. 

Actually, regardless of what type of gliding chair you choose, electric powered recliners are better than the manual ones by all means. 

2. Size 

About size, you need to look specifically for the width and the height of the recliners to match yours. There are many bulky gliding chairs in the market as many of regular size people also love to sink in a bulky recliner.

Besides the width, if you are a tall person then look for the height of the recliner to be 63 inches or more. And if you are a short person then go with a shorter height.

3. Weight Capacity

For a plus size person, considering the weight capacity of a recliner is important. If you don’t get yourself a recliner that can give full support for your weight, accidents might happen anytime.

Recliners glide, rock, lift and recline you back and forth. That’s a lot of work to do for a single power chair. So, weight compatibility must be checked before investing in one. Anything over 300 lbs is considered good enough for an average heavy person.

4. Reclining Mechanism

Although it has no relation with the size of the user, it’s still so important to consider. You need to decide whether a 3 or 6 position recliner will be enough, or you need an infinite recliner. Again whether a manual recliner will do or you prefer a remote control power recliner. 

Most people like an infinite recliner. Because it offers more control and flexibility for setting the reclining position. 

5. Material and Construction

Comfort is the first reason to buy a recliner. So, before choosing one look for the upholstery or leather used for the cushion or padding of the recliner. 

Besides, the sturdiness of the frame is equally important since it ensures the durability and safety for the gliding chair. Check for whether the frame is made of wood mainly or entirely metal. Neither one is bad. But, metal frames are more rigid and also last longer.

10 Best Recliner For Heavy Weight Person 2021

1.Homegear Heavy Duty Power Lift Electric Recliner 

Weight capacity: 770 lbs

Height: 42.5in

 Homegear Air Leather Heavy Duty Dual Motor Power Lift Electric Recliner

If you think there’s no chair that can handle your size and weight, you probably didn’t know about the Homegear recliner. It’s a recliner specifically made for heavyweight people and it’ll also add elegance to your living room.

The addition of a power lifting mechanism might be a big deal maker for many of the overweight users. Because you won’t have to stress your back or your leg to get up or down the recliner. Just a touch of a button and you can recline back to 180-degrees max.

The cushions are adequately padded and don’t feel firm by any means. One of the advantages of this chair is the footrest and the back are independent. This means, you can sit upright with the footrest extended and watch TV or read books. Just to let you know some users have complained about the footrest sitting low at full extension. But it’s nothing too serious to make it as a deal breaker.

The chair is upholstered with air leather which we think is a comparably better artificial leather than others in the market. This fabric allows air to transfer and will also last longer.

Overall, anyone looking to get a high weight capacity recliner should definitely give Homegear a go! We could hardly find any solid negative reviews that will stop you from purchasing it.



2.Lane Home Recliner

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Height: 48-in

Lane Home Furnishings Recliner

The Lane Home Furnishings recliner is built for big men who have trouble accommodating in regular recliners! Its spacious seat and above average weight capacity makes it one of the best recliners for heavy people.

Here’s what we loved most— the chair supports people as tall as 6’3” and the feet don’t hang over the edge with sufficient backrest coverage.  When you sit on it there will be at least 5-6-in space on either side.

Installing the chair is super easy as you need to just attach the base. For someone who has never purchased online, this could be a big advantage.

The chair seems to have a more upright position compared to other chairs with more slope towards the back. You might find the seat cushions just a bit hard, but if you are expecting someone of 500 lbs to sit on it, there should be sufficient give to hold the shape for a longer time.

The leather looking suede fabric looks classy on the chair. Even though you aren’t buying this to beautify your living room, it’s certainly a bonus to have a good looking recliner. Just one minor complaint that we have is the back doesn’t recline to a flat position. Most users who aren’t looking to sleep on it can live with that!



3.Mega Motion Recliner

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Height: 43.5-in

Mega Motion Heavy Duty Lounge Recliner

The reason why included a few power recliners in this list is because they are sturdy, durable and have comparably higher weight capacity. The Mega Motion is a heavy-duty recliner with extra wide seating space. We are sure you don’t want to miss out on something like this.

Talking about seating space, the distance between the arms is 27-in. It’s one of the widest recliners that we reviewed. On top of that, you have three stop points to recline back. You can also recline freely to any position you desire. But some users love set points as they don’t want to mess with the recliner too much.

Here’s an interesting thing you might like. This recliner has a battery backup that will help you to get up/down in case of a power failure. It might look like a minor feature, but in some cases it can well be a deal maker, especially for users with surgery pain or other health issues.

The top fabric is polyester which in our experience can stand up to daily usage. If we could change something, we would have allowed the chair to lift up higher than what it is now.



4.Signature Design by Ashley Recliner

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Height: 42.5-in

 Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner

Over the years we have reviewed a number of furniture models from Signature Design by Ashley. In most cases, users love what the brand has on offer. This particular recliner gives you power lifting capability and immense comfort.

The polyester fiber upholstery does have a leather like look. The saddle brown actually turns it into a classic piece of furniture which will easily blend into most decors. If you have been looking for the best heavy duty recliner, you might well get this piece as it has a strong metal construction. Safe to say, it will last a long time.

The distance between the arms is 19-in. While it isn’t the widest recliner we have, it has an optimal height that will support tall and heavy users. And when fully reclined, it’s about 69-in.

If you are buying this for your elderly relative or for your back pain, you will find the chair most effective. The slow lifting function is safe and soothing. Another plus point is the backrest and the footrest work independently, so you can sit in an upright position with the feet up.

We were certainly impressed by the lumbar support of the chair. However, a few inches higher would have provided optimal support.



5.Homelegance Laurelton Recliner

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Height: 40-in

 Homelegance Laurelton 43

For the bigger and taller men, the best recliner you can find is the Homelegance Laurelton. The oversized arms and spacious seat gives you freedom to sit for hours in comfort.

We were a bit skeptical about the color of the sofa. It isn’t your regular brown. However, the textured fabric upholstery is plush and feels extremely soft on the skin. Even it doesn’t catch dog hair or lint. No complaints on this point.

It has a two stage reclining mechanism and both the footrest and the backrest work together. On the first stage, it goes back 4-in and on the second stage, it goes all the way back to almost flat position. The footrest can be a bit hard to press down and you will need to be strong in the legs.

When you will be sitting on it, you will find there’s no creakes or annoying noises that often come from recliners. It might look a bit out of place, but the whole thing is constructed with quality materials.



6.RevoluXion Mason Rocker Recliner

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Height: 41.5-in

RevoluXion Mason Rocker Recliner

Meet the best big man recliner in budget- the RevoluXion Mason! It has a wide sitting area of 24-in and a height suitable for taller users. Together with the faux leather makeover, it’s a decent purchase that won’t let you down.

You can set the sofa up in three positions depending on what you intend to do. For more relaxed and laid back sitting, you can recline the back all the way back with the footrest up. You can also keep the footrest up and the back upright for watching TV or set it up in a fully upright position for casual conversations with guests.

People at 6-ft 2-in can easily fit into this recliner and find their head and feet at the right positions. That’s the reason we highly recommend it to users with big and tall body structures. The chair offers sufficient lumbar support and comfort and will hold its shape for years to come.

The only thing to complain about is the footrest is hard to press down. So, if you have strong legs, this shouldn’t be an issue for you!



7.Harper&Bright Designs Recliner

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

Height: 40.2-in

Harper&Bright Designs Smoky Brown Wilshire Series Heavy-Duty Power Lift Recliner

There’s not a lot of recliners for fat people that actually look elegant. Well, the Harper&Bright Designs might prove it wrong. The velvety smooth faux leather and tasteful design features will add aesthetic value to your living room.

This is a power lift recliner, so it will be effortless for you to go up and down. The backrest will recline to 160-degrees, which is almost close to laying flat. The footrest offers additional support and comfort.

We were pretty impressed by the cushioning of the chair as it supports key pressure points and the entire spine. There is a generous amount of lumbar support which will come handy if you have lower back pain.

The weight capacity doesn’t fully elaborate the build quality of this recliner. Its frame is made from alloy steel which has a much higher tensile strength than regular stainless steel. You can expect it to last 3-4 years and more if you redo the cushioning again.

Among the very few complaints, the #1 was about the leg rest that it doesn’t go up as high as expected. But it isn’t a deal breaker by any means!



8.Lane Home Furnishings Recliner

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Height: 48-in

 Lane Home Furnishings Recliner

In Short, the Lance Home Furnishings is a BIG recliner that will accommodate any person over 6-ft height easily. The combination of steel construction and high weight capacity makes it one of the best recliners for a heavy person!

To emphasize more over the height, we found a review from a user with 6-ft 9-in and his head and neck were well supported and the head positioned at the upper part of the backrest. A total deal maker for taller users!

It has a fabric upholstery that feels soft to touch. The cushioning is firm and it won’t sink like some of the others in the market. If you expect it to hold 500 lbs, a little bit of firmness is necessary as it will make the chair last longer.

The back can go almost to a complete flat position and stretches to 79-in. That’s almost the size of a king-size mattress and sufficient for any tall man to sit without the feet going over the edges of the footrest. With that being said, shorter users will find it hard to use.

It has one drawback that might not be a big issue. The lever to raise the footrest is stiff and needs some strength to make it work. 



9.Signature Design by Ashley Recliner

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Height: 42-in

 Signature Design by Ashley Recliner

If you think the previous recliners were too small for you, check out the Hogan Press from Signature Design by Ashley. With a width of 49-in and depth of 73-in, it’s the best-oversized recliner you can get.

We won’t overemphasize on the size as you can already see from the image how spacious it is. In short, you can enjoy sitting on this with your kids and pets altogether. This mammoth chair reclines back effortlessly giving you an almost bed like experience.

The upholstery is microfiber and needless to say it is soft and hypoallergenic. In some cases, it can be an issue when it comes to cleaning, but those who have used microfiber based things, will know the advantages overpower the disadvantages.

Inside the recliner there are high-resiliency foam cushions that will hold up to daily use. It’s on the firmers side but offers ample support and comfort. The back is high enough to support your head and is nicely padded.

A little to concern about is there’s a big gap between the seat and the back cushion when you recline back. It won’t cause discomfort, but little kids might stuff toys and junk in that space.



10.Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner


 Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner

The Great Deal Furniture is one of the few recliners that comes with a rocking feature. This could be a deal maker for some users and the wide sitting space is an extra incentive that you can’t say no to. So, it’s an obvious inclusion in this list of the best recliners for heavy people!

This isn’t your regular sink into recliners! There’s a sufficient firmness to the cushions but is comfortable enough to sit and relax for hours. The additional lumbar support is always great to have as it will reduce tension in your lower back.

Some users have stated that the upholstery is real leather. Even if it’s a bonded leather, the quality is topnotch for the price you are paying. What matters is the recliner looks elegant and that’s always nice to have on furniture that you are planning to keep into your living room.

The chair has more of a gliding back and forth movement and mimics rocking to some extent. On top of that, you can recline back almost to a flat position! That’s perfect for those who love to sleep on their couch. The footrest is a nice addition and can compliment well when you need to relax a bit.

As for negatives, there is one. The footrest can be a bit hard to pull down. But that shouldn’t stop you from buying this!


Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

In terms of overall value for money, size, weight capacity and build quality, we think Homegear Air is the best recliner for heavy people. The power lift function makes it extremely versatile and suitable to use for a variety of people with different needs. This recliner will serve you for years giving you most comfortable and stress-free experience.

Some of the other recliners in this list have much wider sitting areas or more height than usual. Depending on your unique needs as a big guy, you have ample options to choose from.