How to Position Fans to Cool a Room


Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting in a hot room. Proper placement of the fan is so needful to get the coolest environment in the hot summer. But, unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to position fans to cool a room properly.

A fan is always necessary to improve airflow around your room so you can get some relief from the unbearable hot summer weather.

Though having a fan keeps the room cool but it doesn’t ensure you the best airflow and air- circulation in a room

What Are The Best Ways to Position Fans:

You can remove warm air from the room and get the best airflow situation in the summer by following some tips.

Only a good fan isn’t enough for offering a proper cool room. Sometimes, a qualified fan can fail to make the room enough cool for the wrong placement.

So, you have to know how to position fans to cool a room.

You can follow our mentioned ways to position a fan to get a cool room above the average.

Fits The Fan Into Most Suitable Place:

Let’s be very clear! Where do you want the most of the cool breeze? You can’t position a fan in any random place and seek the maximum cool breeze in your desired area.

To get the most of the cool air in your desired area, all you need is to position the fan in the right place.

Make a plan of where does your tower fan would fit without any obstacles. Don’t place a fan where it moves or comes in front of traffic walkway.

Keep The Fan In The Right Angles:

Is your cooling fan situated in the right angles? Tower fans are able to oscillate at 90 degrees and some special ones are able to rotate up to 180 degrees.

Do you know the rotation of the fan is the basis of the air flow? So, make sure you are placing the fan in a very right angle.

What is the right angle to place a fan in the room? Well, it depends on the room size, corners, and furniture in the room.

First of all, indicate the places you want to be cool such as your bed, desk, or sofa area. So, you can place the fan’s angle facing a certain area.

Position Multiple Fans:

A fan plays its role different at different spheres. You can’t expect the same air-blows in a lobby or open- air break room like you will get in a closed-door office room or bedroom.

So, it’s obvious sometimes your room won’t be enough cool with the only fan if it’s quite large. But, with two working fans your room’s air will be on a roller coaster ride!

If you want your room to drop temperature very faster than normal, you can install two or multiple fans requiring the size of your room.

Best way to circulate air in a room with two fan method is to place one fan near the window and another fan facing out in a doorway. In this way, a wind tunnel gets created and flows in a circular motion.

Remove Obstacles:

As we know tower fans are designed taller in height than the traditional oscillating fans. Still, some tall furniture comes in the way of the fan like bookshelves, couches, chairs, and tables. Probably you have experienced this issue already, did you?

You can turn on the moving functionality of the fan to avoid any obstacles coming in the way of air-blow.

Otherwise, you can make a sturdy base and place the fan on it. It will provide more height to the fan and unobstructed air flow.

It’s better if you can reorganize the furniture in your room where you want the most of the cool air. Make the perfect airflow by moving all the piles of clothes, books, plants, and shelves from the way.

 Last Words:

We hope you have got all the answers to your unsolved puzzles about the placement of the fan correctly. Keeping your room or house cool is definitely an art when you know how to position fans to cool a room.