How To Keep a Room Cool On a Hot Day


Most of us aren’t the fan of the summer season because of the unbearable heat. It feels like the sun is always right up on our head. The warm breeze, sweat is also uncomfortable even when we stay inside the house. Well, what can be done to beat the summer?

Well, there are a few steps you can follow to cool off your room even when it is 35º or more on the outside.

Using a cooling fan for rooms

The fastest way to cool of your room on a hot summer day is to turn on a cooling fan in the room. Cooling fans are more efficient than a ceiling fan. You can find a variety of cooling fans for rooms in the market. Some have remote control display with other modern features, while some are manual with the traditional look. You can choose the one that suits your preference and budget.

You can also go for the ceiling fans. Just make the fan setting such a way that the fans rotate counterclockwise during the summer time.

Maintain a window schedule

Keep your windows close after the late morning till the early night. The sun is up during this time period which makes the room hot. But don’t forget to open the window at the night so that the hot air can get out of the house.

Don’t cook inside the room

All Cooking appliances release a lot of heat including the stove, induction cooker, and oven and so on. Avoid cooking inside the close room.

Plant trees surrounding the house

Trees are the best way to filter the sun ray and keep the house cool even during the hot summer. So plant trees outside the house to create natural shading. It will take some time and effort, but it is worth the effort.

Also, you can keep the trees which help to lower the temperature inside the house.

Choose a good light

Always go for energy saving bulbs and tubes. These emit less heat thus keep the rooms cool. And avoid keeping the lights on when not in use.

Use fewer electric appliances at daytime

Everything we use plugging in the electric power line emits heat, especially the washing machine. So try to use these appliances as less as possible especially at the daytime. Use the washing machine at night time if possible. And always unplug the appliances when not in use.

Install an AC

If you are willing to invest a good amount of money, then you can go for an Ac. This will comfort you the most during those hot summer day.

If an AC is out of your budget, then put some ice cubes in a bag and place it on the front of the cooling fan. You will get the coolest air since the air will cool off while passing the ice cube.


Final words

Beating the hot summer weather can be possible if you just make some changes to your house. So don’t hesitate to put the efforts for your comfort. Just choose an option mentioned above and enjoy the summer comfortably in your own house.