10 Common Mistakes People Make When Vacuuming Their Homes


Everyone knows how to use a vacuum cleaner but not everyone knows how to get the best out of this gem of a machine. People, including me, have been unknowingly making tiny mistakes that are preventing us from obtaining immaculate air quality and spotless floors. 

If you are wondering why your allergies aren’t completely gone yet despite using the absolute best vacuum cleaner money could have bought, it’s not about the machine but about how you are not using it correctly.  

But fret not. Stick around to know what you are probably doing wrong while vacuuming cleaning so that you never repeat them again. Let’s get rollin’ –

1.Using the Wrong Vacuum

Of course, not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, nor is every house. You need to pick a vacuum cleaner according to what kind of dirt you deal with in what corner of your house. 

For instance, for your staircases, you need a lightweight and compact handheld vacuum cleaner that’s easy to move up and down the stairs for thorough cleaning of the crevices which generally accumulate the most amount of dirt and dust. 

To clear up pet dander, hair, and feces off your sofa, carpet, mattress, and bedsheets, handheld vacuum cleaners with a flat head, high-sped upholstery tool like the ones featured here will be ideal. 

However, if most of your vacuum cleaning routine revolves around the hardwood floor, high suction vacuum cleaners that come with soft roller cleaner and brush roll attachments like these are best suited for keeping hardwood and laminated floors pet hair-free

2.Using the Wrong Extension Cord

Corded vacuum cleaners are massively powerful devices. Using it with an extension cord that’s not built to draw at least 8-12 amps for power will not only definitely damage your vacuum cleaner but also pose a significant fire hazard.

You need to invest in a heavy-duty extension cord, ideally a 14 or 12 gauge model to handle the load of your vacuum cleaner. 

For a smaller, low-wattage vac, you can settle for a 16 gauge extension cord. Remember that the lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire, hence better electricity flow. 

3.Not Emptying the Dirtbag

Not emptying the dirtbag often enough is another major faux pas a lot of us are guilty of making. Vacuuming when the dust collector is full will drastically slow down the machine and put extra pressure on the motor. 

Ideally, you should empty the bag when it’s half full to get the best performance out of your vac. 

4.Not Using the Right Attachment for the Job

There is a reason why vacuum cleaners come with different attachments. 

If the default attachment is primarily meant to clean fine particles off floor tiles, you can’t expect it to lift away pet hair from your upholstery as effectively as the upholstery tool attachment. 

Similarly, it might not be narrow enough to reach the filthy hard-to-reach spots of your house. The crevice tool attachment is the chosen one for the job. 

I can understand how changing the attachments frequently can be cumbersome. But if you are aiming for a spotless, debris-free home with fresh and clean air, you have to go the extra mile. 

5.You’re Rushing It

Do you just vacuum up everything in your sight without thinking twice? You mustn’t. Take a quick scan of the room to look for coins, broken glass, or other stubby, sharp objects. 

Unknowingly vacuuming them up could cause severe damage to the fan blades and other internal components of the vacuum cleaner. 

6.Not Vacuuming in Both Directions

Vacuuming only in one direction will only partially pick up the dirt off your revoltingly dirty carpets. A lot of dust and debris can sneak deep into the fibers of your carpets. 

To yank out every last speck of dust, you need to vacuum in both directions. It’s just a few minutes of extra work for a truly spotless, clean carpet. 

7.Not Dusting before Vacuuming

Cleaning the entire house thoroughly and efficiently isn’t just about picking a vacuum and let it loose on the floors and carpet. To rid all the corners of every speck of dust, debris, hair, and allergens, you need to clean strategically. 

The golden rule of thumb of vacuum cleaning is to dust the room before letting the vac loose and do its job. The reason for doing so is pretty simple. 

When you dust, some of the dust particles when settling on the floor and carpet while some will continue to linger in the air. 

You can’t remove all the particles just by dusting. That’s when a vacuum cleaner comes into the picture. Its job is to take out the duts and allergens you previously missed.

If you reverse this order – vacuum first and dust afterward, you will inevitably end up missing a lot of dust which would expedite your next dusting session. 

8.Not Moving the Furniture 

Sometimes, the dirtiest areas of the home are the ones that aren’t immediately visible. I can understand why one could feel the urge to literally brush things under the carpet. Nobody will ever look there. But guess what? 

Those overlooked dusty corners can become the haven for harmful germs and bacteria if you don’t vacuum them often enough. So stop being lazy and never miss the spot beneath your bed, couch, and carpet. 


9.Not Being Careful Enough

Vacuum cleaners are mighty powerful. Whenever you have to check the opening or brush during an ongoing cleaning session, make sure you don’t turn it over before switching off the device first. 

Bring the brush roll towards your face when it’s powered on can yank your hair out of your head, or worse, cause a grave injury. Bringing your finger anywhere near the opening can be very dangerous. 

Most importantly, keep your kids and pets as away as possible from your vacuum cleaner for their own safety. 


10.Using Baking Soda 

Baking soda is a magic household ingredient that works like a charm on stains and stubborn dirt on various surfaces. However, they don’t share an amicable relationship with vacuum cleaner motors and filters. 

If you use baking soda to vacuum, the minuscule particles of baking soda will clog the pores of the vac’s HEPA filter and dirtbag which would severely affect its suction power. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t use any kind of fresher product with your vac for the same reason. 


In Conclusion

Vacuum cleaners can easily spit dust particles back into the air and back your house too dirty faster than usual if not used correctly. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right equipment for the job and use it exactly how it’’s meant to be used. 

When combined with regular dusting and mopping, vacuum cleaners can do wonders. Their ability to remove fine dust particles and pet danders are unmatched. As long as you don’t repeat the mistakes mentioned above, you won’t ever have to worry about the quality of our indoor air ever again.