5 Best Handheld Vacuum for Removing Pet Hair- (2020 Guide)


As pets shred hair often, you will need a vacuum that you can pick up quickly, maneuver easily and also reach tight corners- preferably a handheld vacuum.

Upright vacuums simply don’t work when it comes to cleaning pet hair.

We made a list of the best handheld vacuums for pet hair cleaning after a solid 50+ hours of research. Whether it’s corded or cordless, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the suction power, pet cleaning attachments and the design of the vacuum, so you can move it with ease.

If you are here to get the most lightweight vacuum or the most versatile vacuum for cleaning pet hair, we covered it all.

5 Best Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair 2020

1.BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Run time: 12-20 minute

Dust cup capacity: 750 ml

Weight: 4.15 lbs

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Black & Decker has always been the go-to vacuum for most home users! Get the best out of this brand to clear out stubborn pet hair from carpets and other hard to reach areas. The super large dust cup is a deal maker and one that most users underestimate until they really feel the need.

Despite being a handheld vacuum, it offers tremendous suction. There are two-speed settings and most work is doable in the first setting. On the highest setting, the battery will last only 12 minutes compared to 20 minutes in the lowest setting.

It’s the best handheld vacuum for pet hair and you won’t know until you have used the motorized rubber bristles. And much to our satisfaction, it can even lift off cat litters as well. When you need to go in deep, just use the crevice tool.

When it comes to the design, we found the vacuum to be easy to maneuver for someone with back or hip issues. If you are looking for a vacuum that can do a lot of jobs apart from cleaning pet hair, this is the one to get.


  • Large dust cup that’s easy to empty with just a touch.
  • Deep pet hair cleaning from carpets and hard to reach areas.
  • Adjustable speed lets you control cleaning.
  • Designed in a way to limit strain on the back and the hips.


  • Loses battery life fast on high-speed setting.



2.BISSELL Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Run time: 30 minutes

Dust cup capacity: 700 ml

Weight: 4.29 lbs

 BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Bissell had made quite a reputation in the market and constantly challenges Black & Decker. The General consensus is Bissell has more powerful suction and a better battery life. And from our analysis, we think it’s true.

This Bissell vacuum works efficiently on upholstery and carpets. Needless to say it’s the best handheld vacuum for cleaning pet hair on furniture! The upholstery tool works magic here.

For lifting pet hair on stairs, you can use the rotating brush. From the first look it might look broader, but it’s still compact enough to get the stairs and other small areas done. Use the crevice tool for the final touch near the corners and in tight spaces.

One of the big reasons why the Bissell has a better suction is its double-layer filter that limits dirt from clogging up. On the plus side, the filters are washable and can save you some bucks in the long run.


  • The motorized brush head is easy to remove and cleans pet hair efficiently.
  • Cleans upholstered furniture and tricky areas.
  • Excellent filtration system ensures consistent suction power.
  • Clear dust cup makes it easy to see when it is full.


  • No place to hold the attachment with the vacuum. So, you will need to store them separately and that’s not so convenient.


3.BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Flex Cordless Stick Vacuum

Run time: 20 minutes

Dust cup capacity: 558 ml

Weight: 3.20 lbs

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Flex Cordless Stick Vacuum

The competition is getting tough! The Black+Decker has another handheld vac to give Bissell a good run. The dust cup capacity is slightly decreased and that ultimately made the unit a lot lighter. As the center of gravity remains under the handle, cleaning pet hair will never be stressful again.

Sure, it won’t replace your regular upright vacuum. But from our tests we were happy that it can get rid of dust, leaves, dry foods and pet hair. The included attachments like floor head, pet hair brush and the long crevice tool are super effective in what they are intended to do.

The vac has a 3 stage filtration system and a cyclonic spin action that maximizes the performance. You can expect great suction even when the battery is at the end. As for charging, there’s a docking station that makes it easy to charge and grab it when it’s done!

The drawback that got our attention was that the vac makes a pretty loud sound. If you have earbuds at home, get them to use. Compared to the usefulness, the drawback isn’t that significant to stop you from buying the unit.


  • 4-ft hose helps to reach high, low and into tight spots with ease.
  • Maximum suction throughout the runtime.
  • Docking station makes it convenient for charging and picking the vac.
  • Cleans up a variety of small and medium sized debris.


  • Makes a high-pitched whining sound that can be a bit obnoxious.



4.Shark Rocket Hand Vacuum

Run time: unlimited (corded)

Dust cup capacity: Not specified

Weight: 3.7 lbs

Shark Rocket with TruePet Mini Motorized Brush 15-foot Power Cord Hand Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning pet hair on stairs, the shark rocket is best as a handheld vacuum! Moreover, the plug-in functionality gives you unlimited runtime and a lot of freedom to clean at your own pace.

The most effective tool for pet hair is the motorized brush. It cleans dog hair, cat hair and even bird feathers. Together with the mini beater bar, you can clean your stairs effortlessly.

You might also love the stretchy hose as it will keep you from bending and allow reaching behind the fridge, furniture and places of that sort. The power is 15-ft long and for most users it could be enough to reach the stairs without having to unplug it often.

At 3.7 lbs, the vacuum is not the most lightweight. However, compared to similar models, it’s still light enough to limit strains on the hands. An addition of a shoulder strap would have made the vac more convenient to use. Being a bagless unit, it takes only a few seconds to empty the dust cup and you are good to go again.


  • The motorized brush gets rid of pet hair from carpets and stairs.
  • Stretchy hose and the crevice tool allows you to get into tight spaces.
  • Washable filters keeps your maintenance costs at minimum.
  • The dirt cup empties with a touch of a button which saves you from hassle.


  • A shoulder strap could have made the unit easier to maneuver.


5.Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum

Run time: Unlimited (corded)

Dust cup capacity: 780 ml

Weight: 4.2 lbs

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

The real difference between the Shark Rocket and the Bissell 33A1 is that the Bissell works better on carpets and upholstery. It’s 780 ml dirt cup is one of the largest among the corded vacuum models. So, there’s a lot of good things going for the vac.

You will definitely love the rubber contour nozzle as it will remove pet hair from almost anywhere, especially the stairs, carpets and the upholstered furniture. The hard nozzle, on the other hand, will get off the dry messes like litter and dust. We didn’t find any suction issues whether it was hair or litter as it often happens with handheld vacs. The reason could be the multi layer filtration system allowing consistent suction power.

On wooden and flat floors, the vac isn’t the most effective. The air flow chamber is positioned to the side, so it blows hair around the room. Some users have also improvised to make a cover that directs the airflow to the back. Even if you don’t improvise, it works perfectly on carpets.

As for the cord, it is 16-ft, which is 1-ft longer than the previous model. This is helpful to cover more areas without having to unplug often.


  • Rubberized nozzle helps to pick up maximum pet hair.
  • Cleans dry messes in cars and other upholstered materials.
  • Good consistent suction power throughout the runtime.
  • High capacity dirt cup saves your time.


  • Not much effective on wooden floors as it blows away dirt.



What makes a handheld vacuum good for pet hair?

1. Motorized brush head with tangle-free technology

Motorized brush heads are common in handheld vacuums. They are great for cleaning all sorts of debris from carpets and other upholstered surfaces. Most of the vacs we reviewed have specialized brush heads that sweep off pet hair without tangling issues. Some might even have tangle-free technology to save you from the hassle of cleaning the brush head often.

2. Pet brush and other small attachments

There are some vacuums that come with pet brush tools and these are designed to lift off long and heavy hair without limiting the suction. Other tools like crevice tool, long hose or upholstery tool will add versatility to your vac. You still want your unit to clean off other dirts and debrises.

3. Sufficient run time

You only need to consider the run time, if you choose a cordless model. Whether a cordless or corded vacuum will work better is a different debate that we left for you to decide. A run time between 20-30 minutes should be enough if you intend to clean a variety of stuff. But for cleaning only pet hair 10-12 minutes is optimum.

4. Maneuverability and weight

Almost all of the vacuums in this list falls between 1.4 to 4 lbs. Even if you go for a 4 lbs vac, it’s still light enough to not stress you out. These are the models with the most suction power and cleaning abilities. However, some models like the Shark Wandvac or Zesgood only weigh 1.4-1.5 lbs. The tradeoff is you might not get the highest suction or the highest dirt cup capacity.

Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

It’s time to pick the best handheld vacuum for pet hair that you can rely on every time. After some serious thoughts and analysis, we come to the conclusion that the Black+Decker Dustbuster is the one you should go for.

It’s slightly heavy compared to some of the other models, but the design makes it easy to handle. It boasts super suction power and a large dirt cup that will clean up a heavy amount of pet hair. The ability to choose between two speeds, lets you control the battery life as well.

So, what do you think is best for cleaning pet hair? Let us know!

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