How to Install A Range Hood In Your Kitchen


Range hood is the most useful kitchen appliance to keep your kitchen always fresh. Those who do not have a range hood over their cooking stove commonly have a dirtier kitchen and it’s far more uncomfortable to cook when the kitchen is full of odors and gasses of the meal you are preparing.

However, to make your cooking time good, range hoods are always the best service provider. Well, the gadget is known with some other names also but range hood is the most known among them all. Range hood being kind of quite a large device most people things its installation must be troublesome. But that not true. Anyone can do it himself with the help of a few instruments.

Well, if you have bought a new one and want to know its installation process, you are just in the right place. This article will help you to install the range hood in an easy way.

So, let’s know the procedure.

Necessary Tools

To install your range hood you need some tools to get the entire work done properly. So, it’s better to gather them all before you start. Know what you need to install your range hood from below.


  • Plywood Top: While fixing the machine over your stove top you must make sure the stove isn’t getting damaged in any way. And to ensure that covering the top of the stove with a plywood is safe.
  • Power Drill Machine: You need a power drill machine to make points where you have to attach the screws to mount the device well.
  • Screwdriver: Screwdriver is needed to place the screws in the hole tightly.
  • Stainless Steel Tape: Stainless steel tape is far stronger to hold heavy things than the ordinary ones. And so these kind of tapes are going to be used here.
  • Measuring Scale: You need to measure out the accurate distance and find out the exact place to fix the range hood in there.
  • Pencils: You need a pencil to point out the places you have found by measuring and where you are going to make the screw holes.
  • Mounting Screws: Mounting screws come with the range hood but you can use extra screws for better safety if you want.
  • Cabinet Jack: This is the optional tool you will need if you are doing the process all alone. If you have a helping hand then this tool won’t be needed.

Installation Process

After knowing the necessary tool list you are absolutely ready to install your range hood. Here is the step-by-step instruction on how you can easily install your range hood. So, let’s get started.

  • Step 1: First of all place the plywood protection on the top of your cooking stove and make sure it’s safe inside. Now, take a look over the free spacious wall over the stove and measure out the length with the measuring scale.


  • Step 2: Keep about 25 inches of free space and make two holes for the mounting screws with the drill machine. The space between the two screw holes must be according to the holes you have on the top of your range hood.


  • Step 3: Make a big hole on the ceiling for the outlet and ductwork. You can make the hole on the wall beside the stove as well. The dimension must be according to the chimney.


  • Step 4: Mount the two screws you made the holes for. Don’t mount the screws fully. Leave some space for hanging the range hood on it. Now make more holes just under those two screw holes to attach the device tightly.


  • Step 5: Fix the range tool accurately and connect to the electric power with the plug. Now, apply some aluminum tape to fix the duct with the wall. Now cover the duct with the chimney cover fixing it with the perfect height. Screw it up and make it secure enough to hold strong.



So, this is all you have to do to install your range hood. Just 5 simple steps and you are done. Do you think it’s tough? I don’t think so. So, get your range hood installed today all by yourself and Keep your kitchen clean and fresh with it.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us.