10 Best Sectional Sofa for Family 2022-(Whole Family Can Cozy Up On)


If you like it sleek and modern, then the sectional sofa is your best bet to achieve that sophisticated lounge vibe at home. It’s spacious and comfortable but not too bulky, which is the best sectional sofa for family or if you love to host parties at home.

It’s a versatile piece that provides you a large and relaxing space while getting cozy with the family in the living room. At the same time, this can also be a functional spot for a study area or even for an entertainment or gaming cubicle.

The possibilities are limitless with the sectional sofa that is designed for modern and multifaceted users.

So what Is a Sectional Sofa?

A sectional sofa is typically designed with a “U” or “L” shape that is specifically tailored for families of all shapes and sizes. It comes in an assortment of designs that will leave you mesmerized. It’s definitely a practical buy but also leaves an aesthetic flair that gives a bang for your buck.

Sectional sofas are cost-savvy because you get two or more pieces for a set. Yes, the more, the merrier! This has become a favorite for many homeowners because it’s a genuine space-saver.

If you are in-between options of whether to integrate that rustic appeal or an avant-garde design into your home, then the sectional sofa is an elegant mix of both worlds – so you never have to choose one over the other.

Here’s a quick run over on my bucket list of top 10 best sectional Sofas the whole family can cozy up on in 2021:

Images Product Name
Sofamania Modern Sectional Sofa
Iconic Home Sectional Sofa
FDW Sofa Sectional Sofa
Poundex Bobkona Belinda Linen Sectional Sofa
Homelegance Pecos Reclining Sectional Sofa
Poundex Bobkona Isidro Faux Leather Sectional Sofa
Meridian Furniture Sectional Sofa
Homelegance Emilio Sectional Sofa
Lifestyle 3-Piece Urbania Sectional Sofa

10 Large Sectional Sofas That Will Fit Perfectly Into Your Family Home

1.Sofamania Modern Sectional Sofa

Sofamania Modern Sectional Sofa

If you prefer velvety upholstery, then this exquisite sectional sofa by Sofamania is your go-to choice for your living room space. This is a great sofa set for a family room that provides you a relaxing and comfortable space to just let loose and get all cozy with the entire family.

It’s very durable and roomy as 6 people can fit comfortably on the couch. It’s available in purple, navy, gray, and black colors with chrome-finish legs to match any home theme, furniture, and decor.

Indulge in this sectional sofa’s plush memory foam cushions that have your comfort in mind from design to functionality per se. It’s very soft yet firm enough to give your body the lift and support you need.

Also, it’s uber-stylish, non-traditional, yet very classic that would fit any age or preference. Yes, this is the type of sofa that your grandmother, kids, and you would love.

What’s so fascinating about this sofa is that it can maximize even small spaces to create a distinct look. You would definitely love the details on the couch because it’s subtle and totally non-intimidating. It creates a structure into a large space to make it look more connected or pulled together.

Assembly instructions plus hardware are included.


  • Uber-stylish, non-traditional; yet very classic that would fit any age or preference.
  • Maximizes even small spaces to create a distinct look.
  • Subtle and totally non-intimidating details.
  • Creates structure into a large space to make it look more connected.


  • Top and back cushions tend to sag or lose its shape over time.
  • Material also tends to collect more lint.



2.Iconic Home Sectional Sofa

Iconic Home Right Facing Sectional Sofa

You’ve got the best seats reserved for you with the Iconic Home. If you are shopping around for the best sectional sofa for family, then this could be that perfect choice.

This has an elegant appeal that creates a configured or balanced look to your living room space. It creates that perfect stylish statement that fits both the corporate and home setup.

Also, it’s available in these sizes – club chair, left sectional, and right sectional in teal, navy, grey, and beige colors.

With 9 plush pillows included, this stunning sofa set is a surefire conversation opener for every gathering or event at home or in the office. This is made of high-quality poly-linen fabric that can transform any space into a haven.

It’s a versatile and luxurious piece that provides you the transitional look you want for your space.

Furthermore, it’s made of plush and soft mix cushion fill that allows you to relax in style. Its elegantly sculpted slope arms and espresso-finished wooden legs are truly something to covet for, which makes it a perfect addition to your home or corporate space.


  • Stunning conversation opener.
  • Versatile and luxurious piece.
  • Plush cushions that are made comfortable and relaxing.


  • Not a great option for huge families.
  • Back cushions can be too firm for some people who prefer soft pillows.



3.FDW Sectional Sofa

FDW living room sectional sofa

This upholstered sofa set embodies the utilitarian or functional sectional set that is ideal for those who want a minimalist theme for their homes. Being a multi-tiered sofa set, you can easily convert it into a bed or a study or work area. It’s indeed a versatile piece that multitasks just as efficiently as you would.

The sofa is very easy to assemble and can be rearranged or transferred to any area of your home. This sofa set is also stain-proof and easy to clean if in case you accidentally spill a drink, or your kids would mess around with colors on the couch. All you have to do is wipe it off and voila!

A relaxing sofa couch – no less -as it provides expansive seating, which you can convert to a king-size bed. The corner sofa or chaise is quite long at 75.2 inches, which will give you more room to stretch when you get into snooze mode.

This isn’t just for large spaces but even for small spaces because you are free to customize your living room space.


  • A multitasking sofa set; convertible to a study room or provides extra bed.
  • Can be easily transported or transferred to any area of your home.
  • Stain-proof and easy to clean.
  • Fits both large and small spaces.


  • Pillows tend to feel stiff or bumpy for some people.



4.Poundex Bobkona Belinda Linen Sectional Sofa

Poundex Bobkona Belinda Linen Sectional Sofa

Simplicity is truly a beauty in this number. It’s a basic L-shape sectional sofa set that outweighs competition when it comes to maximum comfort and durability. The seats are plush with the innerspring and foam that keeps it super soft yet supportive of your back or spine.

Legs are made of solid wood twist with interlocking insert for that added durability and strength. This elegant couch set is also easy to assemble and comes packed with its tools.

Furthermore, this is a great couch for those who want to spread out and be comfortable yet still want to be close together. It’s very traditional and classic yet has its modern twist to it. This is available in Grey, Laguna, and Black colors to complete the look and vibe of your home.


  • You can easily assemble it and it also comes with packed with necessary tools.
  • Super soft yet supportive of your back or spine.
  • Creates that fun yet classic vibe to your home.


  • Stiff and uncomfortable for some people.



5.Homelegance Pecos Reclining Sectional Sofa

Homelegance Pecos Leather Gel Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa

This 3-piece sectional sofa set certainly is a classic with a modern quirkiness to it. It combines aesthetics and function to transform your living room into a stylish yet versatile space.

Also, this is made of brown leather gel that is so comfortable yet durable that you can enjoy it for many years. It’s cost-efficient, made of no-sag construction, and equipped with a complete reclining system.

Do note that the leather gel is not authentic leather but is highly resistant to wear and tear. The Pecos collection can be easily configured to fit your living room space and seating requirements.

This living room sofa set adapts to your space and provides you a stellar visual impact. Moreover, this can fit in very small or tight spots but is easy-on-the-eye even for large spaces.

These are available in Red, Gray, and Brown colors.


  • Durable yet cost-efficient.
  • Made of no-sag construction.
  • Equipped with a complete reclining system.
  • Brown leather gel is highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Can fit in very small or tight spaces.


  • Some people could find this a pain to assemble.



6.Poundex Bobkona Isidro Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

Poundex F6984 Bobkona Isidro Faux Leather sectional

This sofa offers your home that cosmopolitan makeover you need. It has a very modern design that adapts to the fun yet functional tone that every millennial needs in his or her living room space. It has this contemporary yet modern look that makes it an exciting addition to your interiors.

The headrests are fully adjustable into three positions, which add up to the comfort and support that you would need while watching Netflix at home, bonding with your partner over some massage, or just entertaining friends.

This is made of a tufted back and seat that is filled with innerspring and foam to provide you top-notch comfort and durability while doing your stuff.

Available in White/Light Grey (two-tone), White, Light Grey, and Espresso colors to suit the theme of your home.


  • Modern and functional or ergonomically designed.
  • Headrests are fully adjustable into three positions.
  • Very comfortable and relaxing.
  • Can accommodate more people.


  • Lags behind in terms of durability.
  • Very firm and lacks support.


7.Meridian Furniture Sectional Sofa

Meridian Furniture 664Cream-Sectiona

If you want a velvety and plush couch, then this is your best option out there. It spells elegance from top to bottom and yet is a gem in terms of functionality. This is made of black plush velvet, rich chrome finish, and deep tufting to keep you comfortable and stylish.

Also, the double chaise sectional sofa has super soft throw pillows for added comfort while relaxing in style. You will fall in love with its clean lines and the velvety texture that keeps you intimate while also providing extended space for additional seating requirements.

It fits small to large families who are looking for a non-traditional sofa that can also be used as an extra bed for sleepovers or a roomy space for your gaming adventures.

Now, you can create a glamorous feel to your home without compromising your comfort. It’s a striking addition to your living room space because it totally creates that facelift you need without going over the budget. Lastly, this product is available in Navy, Grey, Cream, and Black colors.


  • Comfortable and super soft throw pillows.
  • Stylish velvety texture with clean lines.
  • Provides extra space.
  • Creates instant facelift for your living room space.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Back tends to be short for tall individuals.
  • Very firm cushions; lacks support.



8.Homelegance Emilio Sectional Sofa

Homelegance Emilio Fabric Sectional Sofa

The choices can be daunting, but you will never go wrong when you chase the basics. It features a three-seater sofa with a chaise and ottoman included that provides additional seating capacity. You could definitely say that it’s a no-brainer and very simple couch set, yet provides your home that sophisticated touch.

It’s made of soft polyester to ensure maximum comfort while you are on rest mode and also makes it very easy to clean; which is perfect for busy individuals who have no time for serious cleaning.

Boasting of superior quality design, it has removable cushions, and no-sag construction to keep you well-supported and comfortable all over.

In addition, the sofa features a reversible design allowing you more options when it comes to its aesthetic frills. Available in Taupe and Chocolate colors, this sofa perfectly fits home interior or corporate living room space.


  • Made of soft polyester to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Easy to clean.
  • With superior quality design.
  • Features removable cushions.
  • With no-sag construction; keeps you well-supported and comfortable
  • Features a reversible design.


  • Cushions are bulky.
  • The back tends to slide and needs velcro.



9.Lifestyle 3-Piece Urbania Sectional Sofa

Lifestyle 3-Piece Urbania Right Hand Facing Sectional Sofa Set Living Room Couch

If you love leather, then this sectional sofa made of faux leather fits your preferences. This right hand facing sectional set is a versatile piece that includes 3 sections which suits large families. The ottoman also serves as a storage box for added convenience and functionality.

This luxurious piece is considered as the best sectional sofa for family and adds more texture and flavor to your home interiors. You can always rearrange the pieces to suit your living room space or to accommodate additional furniture or decorative pieces at home.

Yes, it’s truly a versatile addition to your home that can also be used as a study or work area plus an extra bed when you need it.

The stylish and modern appeal of this sectional sofa speaks more of the minimalist urban lifestyle. It’s a modular sectional sofa that allows maximum functionality and comfort so you can provide your space the facelift it needs without really cutting corners.

Also, it provides you more leverage on your spending because this sectional sofa set isn’t just made for sitting. You can assemble and even transport pieces to create more room or make your space look more compact or well-defined.

Modular sectionals are great because it allows easy customization so you can mix and match pieces as you experiment on new designs for your living room space.


  • Stylish and modern appeal.
  • Allows maximum functionality and comfort.
  • Provides extra leverage on your spending.
  • Easy to assemble and transport.
  • Allows easy customization; can mix and match pieces.


  • Cushions tend to extremely flatten out over extended period of time.



10.Stendmar Big Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas like this never get old or out of style. If you have a large family, you would definitely be better off with this stylish 5-pc Stendmar Sofa than a traditional one. Getting this would allow everyone to gather around the living room and not feel a hint of claustrophobia.

This modern sectional sofa set is, in fact, very roomy that it is dubbed as the best sectional sofa for a large family. In fact, you can even host parties and have extra seats for everyone to get all comfy around your living room. Also, this sectional sofa set includes a corner sofa, left sofa, right sofa, armless chair, and ottoman.

It’s available in an elegant 2-tone color of grey and dark grey microfiber finish that will surely mesh with any palette combinations you have at home. Furthermore, it’s a neutral and classic color that will surely match your fixtures and furniture.

This is exclusively distributed by the company itself. It’s made of premium quality all-wood frame with black or metal wooden legs that are very durable and built for longevity. Also incorporated are high-density foam cushions that are soft and comfortable to use.

The superb thing about this sectional sofa set is that you are in control of how you configure each piece to fit into your living room space.


  • Very roomy.
  • Soft and comfortable high-density cushions.
  • Flexibility to configure each piece to fit into your living room space.


  • Legs would need installation which could be a bit of a hassle for some people who lack skills on DIY.


Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Sectional Sofa For Family

A sectional sofa is like the swiss army knife of seating! Its versatility makes it usable in almost any kind of home whether it’s big or small. To ensure you get the right kind of sectional for your family, these 5 factors are crucial:

1. Stationary Vs Reclining Sectional

Stationary sectional sofas don’t move which means they don’t have adjustability. These types of sectionals are most common and pair well with an extra ottoman.

There are few sectionals that have the capability to recline back. You will find them either with a manual or power reclining feature. These sectionals offer the most comfort and you can use them for almost any kind of activity like watching Tv for hours or even taking a nap when you feel tired. The Homelegance Pecos in our list is a reclining sectional sofa and it comes in both manual and powered versions.

2. Size of the sectional

For family gatherings, a large 4 or 5 piece sectional could be perfect. However, even the small sectional can be good enough for a small-medium family. Small sectional often comes with two sofas and a chaise. These are perfect for filling corners inside a small apartment.

Some sectionals come in three pieces and you can call them mid-sized sectionals. It has a sofa, loveseat and chaise which is enough to accommodate 6 people. The Lifestyle Urbania is a medium sized sectional perfect for medium sized families.

If you think you will have a lot of people sitting together at the same time, you can opt for the Stendmar sectional which can accommodate 7-8 people. 

3. Orientation of the Sectional

Most commonly, you will find sectionals in either right facing orientation or left facing orientation. A right facing sectional will have its arm on the right side when you face it directly. Whereas a left facing sectional will have its arm on the left side when you face it directly.

There’s no hard rule as to what orientation your sectional should be. However, when you are placing it on the corners, this could be important.

Some sectionals might have modular pieces that have no arms at all. This can be helpful as you can place it anywhere without any issues.

4. Choosing Between Sectional Designs

L-shape: L-shaped sectionals are the most popular among all the sectionals. They are versatile and can be placed in any corners of the room or in the middle of the room. Wherever you place it, it won’t impact the decor or orientation of your space.

Chaise: Chaise sectional have an extended ottoman on one side. This extended piece can be used to lay down and lounge to watch TV or sleep.

Curved: This design isn’t suitable for small spaces. So, we recommend buying curved sectional only if you have a large open space and want to place the sofa in the middle of the room. You can check out the Poundex Bobkona if you are looking for a curved sectional sofa.

U-shape: Not as popular as the L-shape or chaise, the U-shape sectional sofa might also interest you. It’s perfect for families who love to have intimate conversations as it has two extended arms that face each other.

Modular: Probably the most versatile of the sectional sofas are modular sectionals. These sectionals come with as much as five pieces and you can rearrange them in a variety of ways according to the design of your home.

5. Type of Upholstery

Fabric sectionals are what people love most. They are a lot cheaper and also feel comfortable to sit on. The best thing is you will find a lot of color variations in fabric sectionals.

For those of you who want a sophisticated look, you can go for faux leather upholstery. The material is cheap and environment friendly.


Your choice may be different from mine, but sectional sofas certainly provide you the comfort, flexibility, and mobility you need in designing your living room space.

There is a sectional sofa that fits any budget, so you are sure to find your match on our list. These modular sectional sofas are certainly a worthy purchase and a good investment for your home.

The configurable pieces provide you the ultimate freedom to rearrange and move things to complement the layout of your living room space. This is how the best sectional sofa for family provides you that vantage point when it comes to designing your turf.