Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump -(2021Guide)

Basement flooding is a regular issue in many states in the U.S! Your current sump pump might not be enough to save you from the hassle, especially when the electricity is out.

So, that calls for a battery backup system for your sump pump. These are units manufactured to support your sump pump and offer hours of backup before the AC current comes on.

If you are new to this, you might check out this list of the best battery backup for existing sump pumps! They are built with alarms, self-testing mechanisms and auto on/off functions. And.. you can also connect some of them to your home security system.

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Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump 2021

1.Wayne ESP25 Upgraded 12-Volt Battery Backup

Wayne ESP25 Upgraded 12-Volt Battery Backup System

Whether you ask your plumber or neighbors, chances are they are gonna recommend you the Wayne ESP25. If you are damn serious about protecting your basement from high water tables or excessive rain, the ESP25 is your best option for emergency power supply for your current sump pump.

This sump pump is an upgraded version that’s built with an epoxy steel body and cast-iron base. There’s also a corrosion-resistant thermoplastic impeller that enables maximum water flow. In short, this back up pump will last years and give you maximum value for the money.

The pump uses a top flow design to prevent air binding. What that means is you won’t need bricks to place it on the bottom. Moreover, the float isn’t attached to the pump and it allows you to install the float at the right height. If 1680 GPH at 10’ head is enough for your needs, you might jump onto buying this pump right now!

As for alerts, the pump comes with an alarm function that will let you know when the main power supply is off and the back up system is active. There’s an LED display that will show you if your system is ready or not.

One of the biggest issues with Wayne is that the controller is built into a standard battery box. So, your battery options are limited. However the Vmax AGM Marine battery perfectly fits into the case. Alternatively, you can always get the WSB1275 battery.



2.Pump Sentry 822 PS

Pump Sentry has made up its own name in the sump pump industry. It’s proudly built in the USA and comes with UL & CSA certification to ensure safety and reliable performance. Despite its high price, we regard it as one of the best battery backups for your existing sump pump the money pays off in the long run considering its high performance.

The unit stands out in terms of how space it occupies. It has a sleek dimension of 24”x14”x5” and can be installed almost anywhere. As you can install it as a wall mount or surface mount, it doesn’t occupy your sump pit space at all.

Pump Sentry has the ability to interchange from AC to DC or the opposite automatically. This means when the power is on, the pump will recharge automatically and during a power failure it will activate instantly.

Like most sump pump backup systems, it doesn’t come with a battery. You can install any 12 volt marine battery up to 200 amps. The best part is the machine has the power to pump 10,000 gallons in a single charge.

The installation isn’t the most complex and if you have a little knowledge about how these things work, you will be able to get it done.





If you have a small basement or small scale of water to pump, your best option is the Basement Watchdog. Considering that it’s a budget sump pump battery backup system, it has a number of interesting and highly useful features.

This system has an extremely user-friendly controller to monitor the power 24/7. The monitoring system is unique and gives you a lot of advantages. The alarm will go off as soon as the power loses or water rises or if there’s a need for maintenance. There’s a reason the name ‘Watchdog’ is given.

We really loved the control panel of the unit. There’s a test button which you can use every month to see whether the unit is perfectly running. The LED lights on the display panel will show you why the alarm went off and what you need to do to tackle the issue.

The big deal is that you can use both wet cell and AGM batteries with the Basement Watchdog. So, you have the option to go big on the battery for more backup time. As a bonus, the system is designed with two switches. If one fails, the other keeps working!

The only issue you might likely face is that you need to reset it a couple of times after initial set up to stop the beeping.



4.PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup

PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump

For those looking for a more advanced backup pump system, the Pumpspy might be worth your money. It can offer both local alerts and app based alertsgreat for users who remain away from home most of the time.

With a Wifi and UPS, the Pumpspy will provide real time updates right to your smartphone. The system automatically monitors the main pump 24/7 and will provide you analytics on pump cycles, last cycle time and estimated gallons pumped. It will also run system tests 3 times per week. What more do you need from a backup pump system?

This unit will work with any 120-volt sump pump and have the ability to discharge 13000 gallons of water in a single cycle. If that’s enough for your basement, go for it. The ability to gain real time updates is what makes this system truly convenient and useful.

The only frustrating thing we found was that you need to enter your user name and password every time you launch the app. But that might get solved in future updates.



5.Pump Sentry 1622

The Pump Sentry 1622 is almost similar to the 822 PS we reviewed earlier. The only difference is it is more powerful and has a 33A of surge current, which means you can run up to 3/4 HP sump pumps without any issues.

Being one of the best battery backup for existing sump pumps, you will expect it to last quite a number of years. The Aluminum enclosure makes sure that it will operate stress-free for as much as 10 years.

It’s a compact unit that won’t occupy your pit space and it can be installed on the wall or the surface. For many users, this is a deal maker on its own and worth the money!

The backup system is compatible with any 12 volt deep marine cycle battery. The battery doesn’t come with the package and that’s how it is with this category of products. The best part is you get to choose the size and quality of the battery.

Overall Pump Sentry is always trusted as a reliable and long-lasting product that doesn’t disappoint its users.



6.Superior Pump 92910 12V Battery Back Up

Superior Pump 92910 12V Battery Back Up

If you want the best of both quality and affordable price range, you can try out the Superior Pump 92910. It will support 25’ of vertical water height and pump 1080 GPH at 10’. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but sure gets the job done!

The unit has a thermoplastic construction. Well, it might not be as sturdy as aluminum housing, but provides sufficient strength and durability. The battery box will support almost any 12 volt deep cycle AGM batteries.

Keep in mind this sump pump backup system comes in vertical switch and tethered switch version. Both have their own usefulness but when it comes to saving, a tethered switch is the way to go.

There’s a built in alarm that will let you know when the electricity is off and the backup system is running. The only annoying thing is you need to reset the alarm manually to keep it from running continuously.



7.Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot 508 Battery Back-Up 

Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot 508 Battery Back-Up System

The Zoeller 508 will take your current sump pump to a whole new level. It lets you connect to your home security alarm and you will never miss out on alerts and notification when the water level rises or the electricity is out. That’s what makes it the best battery backup system for your existing sump pump!

The unit comes packed with a heavy-duty outer casing to ensure durability and sturdiness even if mishandled sometimes. There’s a vertical float switch that automatically turns on/off the sump pump when there’s changes in water level.

The best part is it comes with a wide LCD display and shows key control along with battery voltage and pump status. The built-in self testing technology makes sure that the system is running in order always.

You’ll be happy to know that the battery case is universal, so you can use a variety of battery models. The Zoeller Aquanot is capable of pumping 2100 GPH at 10’ for 6 hours in a row.



8.BURCAM 300403 12 Volt Battery Back Up

BURCAM 300403 12 Volt Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

The Burcam is for those who want a battery backup system for your sump pump in an affordable range! It doesn’t connect to the home alarm system like many models do. However, it’s compatible with most sump pumps without having to set separate discharge pipes. That’s what makes it special.

The unit has a sleek dimension of 16”x5”x11” and can accommodate in tight spaces. If space is a major concern for you, Burcam is gonna save you.

You can expect a decent performance from this battery backup system. It can discharge up to 1600 GPH at 10’. Just keep in mind, it’s not built to withstand rough weather conditions!

It comes with a trickle charger to ensure that the battery is charging when the power is up. For the money, we think Burcam does a great job!



How to Install a Battery Backup to Your Existing Sump Pump

Depending on the model of battery backup system you buy for your sump pump, the install process will vary. We will dig into the installation procedure of Pump Sentry and for others, you will find them on youtube.

  • The first thing to do is to mount the Pump Sentry to the wall and make sure that the AC outlet is near the unit.
  • Next, you need to place the battery at less than 4 ft from the backup system.
  • Now, connect the red battery cable to the red terminal of the backup system. In the same way, you should connect black battery cable to the black terminal.
  • You need to plug the current pump into Pump sentry’s AC outlet and then plug the Pump Sentry into the AC outlet.
  • It’s time to test the system and look for any loopholes. If the system works like it’s expected, then you will know the installation is successful.

If you are installing the Basement Watchdog, you will need to work with pipes and have some knowledge of basic DIY. You can check out this video for more information.

FAQ on Sump Pump Backup Battery

1. Does a battery backup for a sump pump come with batteries?

No. In most cases, battery backup systems for sump pumps don’t come with batteries. You would have to buy your own battery depending on the compatibility with the unit.

2. What sort of battery will you need for a backup sump pump?

A deep cycle marine battery is almost always recommended for backup sump pumps. However, other types of batteries can also be used depending on manufacturer’s instruction.

3. Should you unplug your backup sump pump in winter?

No. Always keep the backup sump pump active year round. During winter melted snow can cause mini-flood in the basement.

4. How long can a backup sump pump last?

A backup sump pump can last 8-10 years. But during this period you might need to replace the battery at least once.

5. Can a backup sump pump last for days?

Backup sump pumps are made to offer back up for hours. If you need more back up time, it’s best to have a spare battery or generator.

Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

When it comes to price versus performance, the best battery backup for an existing sump pump is the Wayne ESP25. It’s got an epoxy steel body and cast-iron base for maximum protection in adverse conditions. Moreover, the top flow design eliminates the need for bricks.